Monday, April 18, 2011

Crunch time

It's exam week for those of you who don't know and everything is super hectic around everyone I know, including me! I've been meaning to do a post but the photos started piling up and then I was hesitant to even touch them, so I decided I'm gonna make more small little posts instead :) So that "dream retail" place decided I didn't have "enough retail experience " &^*$%^#%$@# That's okay though! Because I got an internship with an eco-friendly Brazilian designer! WOo.

So this is the first time I ever went to the Beir Markt, it was amazing! No wonder there was such a huge fuss about it, though I expected something like St. Lawrence market or something haha. I shared with a friend the beer sampler (love it! especially the grapefruit and strawberry flavoured ales, thus we ordered two more of the stiegl radlr yummm, the cheese fondue not so much)
more fashion illlustration for school. First time ever working with animal print!
my friend said this is a "super me" illustration, sequence and bows are my lovers.
a dress I made and showed y'all on my mannequin a few posts earlier.
Felt like glamming up
boys from Grind Hard put on a “Graff on Girls” event on Queen West @ Proper Reserve, my friend was one of the girls to get graffiti-ed on, super sick right? Too bad I showed up approx. 10 minutes before the police raided the place. Apparently alcohol license means only alcohol on ONE floor, come on, who cares? Though I heard that the cops went undercovered and walked around to people rolling joints...

talking about joints, my brother said they're legalizing marijuana in Ontario in a few weeks, is that legit?!
cup cake nails, not much to say about them. yes i painted them on and they're not stickers.
a saturday afternoon of painting and catching up with an old friend at Paintlounge. Then had pho at the new pho place across the plaza! anywho, super cute cupcakes??!

Dress I made to wear to Ryerson's Mass Exodus (quite disappointed comparing to last year.. Was there a change in criteria?) which displayed a lot of tailored shirts, pants and jackets as oppose to crazy dresses I've seen in the past.

and a top I made with some white/ pink acid washed jeans


p.s. remember to check out my shop :)!!
p.p.s. well keep my post short didn't really happen.. I'll try harder next time!


Aki No Yuutsu said...

Your dress is gorgeous!!! the one you're wearing with boots!!! I love it!!!

Leslie said...

The dress is wonderful
Lot of kisses sweety

aiz kim said...

yes..that black dress with the lace is just gorgeous!!!

GretchTM said...

Your illustrations are amazing!! Congrats on getting an internship! :)

Nicole✗✗ said...

Amazing dresses!! You have a great talent!!

Sunny & Star said...

Beautiful sketches.

You always make such beautiful clothes and look amazing.

Rebel Attitude said...

woooooooooooooow,I think you´re really fantastic, and your pics too!!!!!!!!!

RicAdeMus said...

That's great news about the internship--your creations are really terrific.

Good luck on the exams, I know you'll do great. =)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Oh why are you so talented? ;) I love all ur handmade dresses as well as the cupcake nails! <3

Kaunou - Nu said...

love your sketches! you're super talented!
I'm also having a BLOG SALE featuring very chic and cheap items!! please check it out! =D

Mumbles said...

Hii, how are you?
Congratulations for your internship, that's amazing
I love your drawings and the first dress,
you look so pretty

♥ Marley

Mai said...

Love the dress you made!

Jan said...

Those drawings are just like WOWIE!

Emily said...

amazing illustrations! I love 'em.


Alicia said...

Great post! Love the top you made :)

Thanks for your sweet comment, you have a lovely blog :)

Take care!