Saturday, April 30, 2011


Satin stained dress, some what reminds me of a Victorian lamp or curtain. Any who, this is the dress that I almost completed in my last post. tada!

after days of sewing, cutting and organizing, WO*MAN finally walked the runway of FAT! woo.

The beautiful blonde Baby and all the brunette interns!

it's been such an amazing experience to be apart of the Miller Monroe team and seeing some of the skirts that I helped sew walk across the stage!
I couldn't have asked for a better designer to work with, the creativity was just spewing all over and I got fed so well!
Wo*Man, a gender twisting menswear by Baby Steinberg and Louie J aka Miller Monroe. Will find more picture but the collection consisted of different themed skirts (golf, boho, red carpet..) and extravagant neck pieces and the jacket here and shirt there. I adore the idea of men in skirts, Wo-man as in "woolen", the woolen skirts that men from way back wore. It's funny how this concept is now seen as "avant-garde" when it's really de-evolutionary... revolutionary. hmm. Guys would think skirts is a "feminine" thing but there is nothing feminine about these skirts, they're so badass and sexy for a confident male. Plus I don't mind working with the twenty plus male models;)
the after party at vogue
picture with one the model from the campaign:)

one week flew by, one more until school starts for the summer!
Thank God it's a sunny day today.


p.s. super yums lollipop cake courtesy of the bf

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

immerse your soul in love

Been exploring some amazing middle eastern cuisines. Paramount is a super authentic place that looks legit from inside and out, they have the "paramount special" which is this super yums mango strawberry drinks with kiwi and nuts and Alex's Falafel (hwy7 E of main street Unionville) is this little hidden diner that looks a little run down but their food is just so delicious especially the side tabouleh! Recently I got my Blackberry stolen (well I'm pretty sure I dropped it by the viva bus station..) but you know what. Bad things are presents in disguise, as I got the coolest phone ever... Samsung galaxy! Can you believe the photo above is take by a little phone? Well now I'm converting once again, this time to the Androids dun dun dun.
Wanderlust is a showcase of Ryerson school of Fashion's second and third year student's designs. Enormously disappointed as the models look so bored and one of them was muttering profanity as she walks down the runway tripping on her dress. The artistic idea is there but the execution of the clothing is so badly tailored and all the models seem to be limping because they had to hold onto numbered paddles. Each dress was by a separate designer which I though was weird but there was definitely a few that were outstanding.

my very very final project for illustration, reason for a sleepless weekend.

Lace dress from Winner
Belt Bedo
Boots NineWest
Earrings Dynamite?

set to go for a picnic under the sun
(not before and after!)

I was super psyched to be handling this silky stained material -as stubborn as it is, I spent my Monday making this, do you think the first skirt style is better or the second? I keep thinking. silk. free flowing. but I am so tempted by the detailing of the second style... decisions decisions. I wish I could show you the back, I think that's the prettiest part but my mannequin is too fat and I only pinned the dress on.

love to have some feedbacks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crunch time

It's exam week for those of you who don't know and everything is super hectic around everyone I know, including me! I've been meaning to do a post but the photos started piling up and then I was hesitant to even touch them, so I decided I'm gonna make more small little posts instead :) So that "dream retail" place decided I didn't have "enough retail experience " &^*$%^#%$@# That's okay though! Because I got an internship with an eco-friendly Brazilian designer! WOo.

So this is the first time I ever went to the Beir Markt, it was amazing! No wonder there was such a huge fuss about it, though I expected something like St. Lawrence market or something haha. I shared with a friend the beer sampler (love it! especially the grapefruit and strawberry flavoured ales, thus we ordered two more of the stiegl radlr yummm, the cheese fondue not so much)
more fashion illlustration for school. First time ever working with animal print!
my friend said this is a "super me" illustration, sequence and bows are my lovers.
a dress I made and showed y'all on my mannequin a few posts earlier.
Felt like glamming up
boys from Grind Hard put on a “Graff on Girls” event on Queen West @ Proper Reserve, my friend was one of the girls to get graffiti-ed on, super sick right? Too bad I showed up approx. 10 minutes before the police raided the place. Apparently alcohol license means only alcohol on ONE floor, come on, who cares? Though I heard that the cops went undercovered and walked around to people rolling joints...

talking about joints, my brother said they're legalizing marijuana in Ontario in a few weeks, is that legit?!
cup cake nails, not much to say about them. yes i painted them on and they're not stickers.
a saturday afternoon of painting and catching up with an old friend at Paintlounge. Then had pho at the new pho place across the plaza! anywho, super cute cupcakes??!

Dress I made to wear to Ryerson's Mass Exodus (quite disappointed comparing to last year.. Was there a change in criteria?) which displayed a lot of tailored shirts, pants and jackets as oppose to crazy dresses I've seen in the past.

and a top I made with some white/ pink acid washed jeans


p.s. remember to check out my shop :)!!
p.p.s. well keep my post short didn't really happen.. I'll try harder next time!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm so Vain

LG fashion week!
So I only went to the Basch show and quite enjoyed the sexy dresses and super amazing models! Brandon recieved a standing ovation. must say that grey dress absolutely stopped my heart, and the model did it justice. I love the music that he chose which was all about empowered bitchy woman whose "so vain". Though some can argue it's over the top

this is the finale walk
photo above and below stolen from L'oreal Paris Canada!
another illustration for school
my new Escada heels :)

un: random black stripped tee, self made skirt, jacob thigh highs, costa blanca belt
deux: i-blue blazer, blueotes tank, old navy skirt
trois: HK long top, Pmall shorts, hollister sequins vest

Gossip Girl def got me looking into La Perla, but Fredericks is actually a lot more fun and youthful (never mind much more affordable!)
so you see, I actually just love bows. and poofy skirts.
It sucks that Toronto, more specifically Markham has no cute lingerie stores, the closest thingwould be laSenza and Jacob lingerie...
Every girl NEEDS cute lingerie! I believe they're just as important as the shoes you wear, it's like a boost of self assurance and confidence that no one can see but you can feel;)


p.s. here's a sneak peak of a dress I'm working on, for my boyfriends lovely sister's prom!
p.p.s. this is def one of my new fave food place. It's called Lohas Cafe at First Markham Place. this noodle is soooo delicious. Cucumber, chicken strips in some kinda peanut sauce !