Sunday, March 6, 2011

Morning run (not literally)

task: buy fabric !
(Oh how fun it is, huge sale at fabricland, faux suede $3/m?!)

Sunday Morning,

I genuinely love mornings, I can't help thinking of Pipi Longstalking singing "what should I do today, what should I do today?!". Haha anyway, ended off my reading week with "Rock the Runway" held at ROM, an annual charity fashion show for War Child. It was truly amazing, though hated the waiting in the wet coldness and the constant delays...
will share photos later!

Reading week designs:

frilled up haltor
unravel dress
yellow mess slouch top
last but not least. I splurged on these Monolo by Alberto Guardiani limited edition (12 in Canada) lipstick heels. Unfortunately I returned them because I guess almost seven hundred dollar worth of shoes should have a little more UMPH, (or so says my mom). If only the front of the shoes were more decorative.


p.s. if you want to purchase any of the above clothing, you can e-mail me for price:)

p.p.s. MY FIRST EVER video that I made, (beside the group projects back in high school) took me forever figuring out Window movie maker! haha, anyways this is for a cash contest! *fingers crossed* please don't mind my amateur mistakes.


Casie Jean said...

That unravel dress is just lovely x.x.x

Krystal said...

oh gosh, that grey dress is super CUTE!!

aiz kim said...

look at those!
Another set of beauties ey! The yellow mess slouch top is my fave.

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The unravel dress looks lovely!!

costra y ampolla said...

great gray dress!!


Ilse said...

oh I love the unravel dress! you're very talented!!

RDYN! said...

Ohh I love how cute your shoes are!

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Wow, you've got talent! I wish I could make clothes like yours! I love the unwravel dress! :D

Angelica said...

the dress is awesome !

jess said...

The dress is lovely.

Mumbles said...

Hi, how are you doing?
you look so pretty, love the grey dress, it's really nice
and the pancakes below looks delicious
hope you're having a nice week

♥ Marley

vnikali said...

wow wonderful post !
really like those outfits:)

vnikali said...

wow wonderful post !
really like those outfits:)

vnikali said...

wow wonderful post !
really like those outfits:)

christine shelley candrawinata said...

you look so pretty :) and and what nice dresses the are ;)

Anonymous said...

Minimalism means to have subtle, muted colours - skin tones, pale pinks, neutrals, beige, and even black.

What you're doing isn't minimalism, it's colour-blocking.

Just thought you should know.

Meream said...

I am new here and I can tell I will love your blog ;)

Nici said...

Thx for your comment!
I really like your blog! :)
And the unravel dress is so cute!
Hope we could follow each other!? :)

Jan said...

Ah the dress is so cool (: