Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oodles of outfits

my hair has a mind of its own: case and point "wed".

so since the day I watched Sex and the City2, I've been meaning to create this dress.
who would'v known I'd love wearing my grandma's top so much, its true what they say about vintage quality is so superb!
charity fashion show for War Child.
ADORE Sarah Stevenson's girly, elegant flare
Baby Steinburg is flirty and different, plus eco friendly!
say hi to my chihuahua:)

p.s. I got a job at my DREAM RETAIL STORE. AHHHH!!!!!! * hyperventilate and faint*

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cinderella Story

Please vote for my "cinderella hand made dress" at Cinderella Outfit Challenge on Facebook! Would mean so much to me!

To make this a little more interesting(if my Barbie doesn't get chosen), it will go out to someone who voted.
To enter in this giveaway:
1) add me on Facebook with the comment "Cinderella giveaway)
2) vote for me in the Cinderella Outfit Challenge
3) leave your Facebook name on this post's comment/ e-mail address
please tell me if you can't vote, don't know why it's not working for some people, facebook's so fidgety:{

these are some photos from the video in my last post.

ciao4now lovelies

p.s. sneak preview of RTW, dress by Arnaldo Santos

p.p.s. check out DianaKang's vintage chanel giveaway!

p.p.p.s. here are some illustrations I had to do for school. Didn't know I had the "alternative edge" in me haha.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Morning run (not literally)

task: buy fabric !
(Oh how fun it is, huge sale at fabricland, faux suede $3/m?!)

Sunday Morning,

I genuinely love mornings, I can't help thinking of Pipi Longstalking singing "what should I do today, what should I do today?!". Haha anyway, ended off my reading week with "Rock the Runway" held at ROM, an annual charity fashion show for War Child. It was truly amazing, though hated the waiting in the wet coldness and the constant delays...
will share photos later!

Reading week designs:

frilled up haltor
unravel dress
yellow mess slouch top
last but not least. I splurged on these Monolo by Alberto Guardiani limited edition (12 in Canada) lipstick heels. Unfortunately I returned them because I guess almost seven hundred dollar worth of shoes should have a little more UMPH, (or so says my mom). If only the front of the shoes were more decorative.


p.s. if you want to purchase any of the above clothing, you can e-mail me for price:)

p.p.s. MY FIRST EVER video that I made, (beside the group projects back in high school) took me forever figuring out Window movie maker! haha, anyways this is for a cash contest! *fingers crossed* please don't mind my amateur mistakes.