Monday, February 28, 2011

Semain de *lecture:)

I've been seeing so many mini pancakes that I decided to make some of my own :)

c'est la vie. Reading week! semain de *lecture (thanks leslie for the correct phrase haha !:)
caught up with some movies:

Easy A (laugh out loud)
Rosemary's baby 1968(only watched it because dan humphrey and Blaire waldorf decided to)
Matilda (childhood book I read by ronald dahl)
127 hours (based on real story, not good!)
I was going to be spontaneous and jump on the train to Montreal, alone, but family and friends all contrived that I'll get robbed and kidnapped, etc. So instead I've been doing some sewing, reading Dead Tomorrow (which is so good, kinda dark.) and maybe build a snowman,( I even got the carrot nose and buttons ready!).

made the pokadot skirt below. After much debate of how to use the beautiful 100% silk fabric.
still need to insert zipper.
I was deathly ill last weekend (aka the long weekend!) and bf bought me this rose that bloomed ever so gracefully. It's still alive despite over a weeks allotment.
Spring is coming (ish)
so excited!


P.S. I've been meaning to share some foodie places:
a yummy restaurant on Spadina and Bloor street I went to for Winterlicious: It is exactly what the name suggest- Food served on a stone grill. Awesome atmosphere in a not too small not too big restaurant. It's cool watching your food cook but gets a little confusing for me as I was like "is my fish done?!" awesome concept though. Appetizers =meh, dessert YUM. Beware of splashing oil though.
Spent the day downtown with my parents and brother. Congratz to bro for getting a job finally for coop, had lovely brunch at Sutton Place Hotel in celebration, bro and I shopped (finally got a new jacket, at Jacob, such a steal! I'm starting to feel old when my favourite stores are Jacob and Club Monaco) and on Bloor street was some filming! -for a Xmas movie I presume as Santa Clauses were flaunting around, didn't recognize any actresses though. Oh how exciting Downtown is! Then a LCBO run with the family, we might take some wine/ cocktail course! The afternoon dt ended off at DUFFLET, an amazingly adorable floral, coffee and cake store. Super yum cappucinos.

happy hump day:)

p.p.s. check out 's giveaway

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Day

There just aren't enough minutes in a day!

Do you ever feel afraid of posting something new because it might not be as good as the last few posts? Maybe that's just me, but I'll get over that phobia.
This was seriously the best lunch EVER.
ahi tuna taco & lobster grilled cheese
[shops on Donmills]
it's actually a darker shade of green...
left over from the Christmas season but bf wants me to match his car colour
outfit calender! Tuesday I was sooo late for school I literally threw on tankjeanknits & ran to school but missed my class anyways (along with my ten% test). GREAT.
Can't quite remember thurs and fri.. I'll try to be more consistent.

monday: knit top by mother, fur skirt by moi, cardigan that might be my brother's ex-gf, and self knit scarf
Tuesday: European tank, self sewn skirt, mom's crop shrug, BEBE belt
Saturday: UP top and a squared scarf on top (tied at neck and back)
Sunday: Bluenotes dress, Morgan jeans

It's been a while since I DIY-ed, and Monoxious seriously inspired me so I decided to spice up my (super old)black flats:

these Polaroid films are so much fun
&so damn pricey
a painting I've been waiting to paint.
finally did today and gave it to my bf for vday LOL

i'd love to say there was a meaning behind it...
maybe coz we drive each other"angry" tout le monde
but we still love each other [?]

Happy V (or anti-v) Day!
What awesome plan have you got?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First ever Online Store :)

Please check out my store, everything 100 percent made and crafted by yours truly :)
I'm just testing the water and open to any suggestions and feedbacks.

Love Emily,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

political creature

this is me in my prom dress (that I constructed) taken by Jonathan Pang.

We are all political creatures- Aristotle
(how i'm loving my politics class)
prepare yourself for some hair flipping!

HK over sized tee & necklace
Costa Blanca high-waist skirt
Honey leggings

As you girls -and guys, might know, I'm starting out a store and I really would love some feedbacks and opinions! Below, are typical tops I make painted on with acrylic.
How much would you pay for tops like that?
Please be honest! it'll be really helpful:)


P.s. I just realized I post less and less of yummy food pics! Well not to worry, my camera is fully charged once again. Weapon of inspiration :)
p.p.s. what do you think of my outfit on the right; first time making a skirt and top with serger!