Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Piece Of HK

before I left for Hong Kong,
I made Christmas cookies with a friend and poka dotted my nails
it's called marsh mellow ice, or something like that, really delicious, wish they had it in Toronto.
You can choose the flavours and toppings,
I went a little overboard... !
So when I arrived in HK, being so foreign to this island, I had a conversation with a friend who lives there that went a something like this:

Me: Hey!! I arrived, let's go out to drink!
friend: ya, sounds great! Where are you?
Me: ... I'm not sure... there's a big boat beside me.

projector clock, what an amazing yet useful home decor
it was at my Aunt's place I was staying at
this was at Times Square for just a day I believe.
Is there a Times square in every country!? There is one were I live as well and OFC in New York, and who knows where else.

Christmas Lights on Christmas Eve; my dad and I ended up getting lost and walked for hour on end in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Well two,
but that's a lot for the normal GTA-ian.
I stole this picture from Gingerasia.com,
I really miss Hong Kong now that I'm looking at the live night life they have.
Miss the seven elevens at every block, the subways, the cheap markets and having to walk a few miles a day.
So my friend took me out for drinks not far from the street above along with his friends, and sitting in on their conversations was the most eye opening cultural experience I had in Hong Kong for sure. Their way of life is so different and -frankly- very dramatic, socially and politically, it's like listening to a soap opera!
Plus they are so open about everything and are so strong in communicating exactly what they think and feel. Maybe it's because the majority of them are so mature at such a young age .

anywho, can't wait to go back:)



Alina A. said...

I love HK. Loads of fashion boutiques much cheaper than in Europe. Hard to stop shopping when you`re there lol.xx


Krystal said...

I'm glad you had fun!!! I am also trying to figure out how I feel about the differences of american to here...so interesting to be able to experience the change in culture :)

daisychain said...

Your christmas cookies look amazing!

YONi In Style said...

oh have fun in HK. YOu definitely have great fun.
I am waiting for photo update. ^^

Jet♥ said...

very very nice shots!
wauw Hong kong

Mumbles said...

Happy new year you too
hope you had a great time in Hong Kong, I've never been there, but it looks awesome
And the cookies look delicious

♥ Marley

Mumbles said...

Happy new year you too
hope you had a great time in Hong Kong, I've never been there, but it looks awesome
And the cookies look delicious

♥ Marley

RicAdeMus said...

You're supposed to go a little overboard on vacation! I would have chosen the same toppings. =)

Is the big boat a landmark? Did your friend know how to find you? I really like the pictures you've shared. I hope I get to see those places in person some day.

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

cute idea for your nails!

Annushka said...

Your blog is very interesting!!!)))
I like it))) Lovely post dear.

Yvette said...

That 5th picture with the spray cans is so cool!



C. said...

How amazing!! :)

jess said...

polka dot nails!!! i likey very much! <3 your photos make me miss hk so much too!! the night life is amazing and the food, the shopping, ahh you name it! x

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

I wish I spent the festive season in Asia too! So much fun xoxo


..R May A.. said...

loving this post :)
gorgeous images!! x

20 York Street said...

Hong Kong is fun! shopping and food! I wish I can live there during our crazy winters!


Happy, Happy New Year!


Taryn said...

sounds like you had an amazing time, the photos are incredible and so bright. I love big cities so I can only imagine how great it was

Wherever the Sunset is said...

Thanks so so much for your comment!!!
Your blog is really cool!! Hong Kong looks amazing!!! I'd love to visit it..!!
We're followers! Hope you'll follow us too ;)


Fashion Nicotine said...

Yummy cookies!!

Haru said...

Ohh love your pictures! The colour is amazing :D HK looks really fun city!!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog x

Haru x

Angga said...

I really want to go there!! hope fuly this year

ANN said...

Those Christmas cookies look so yummy :) I've never been to HK before, you're so lucky! It looks like an amazing city!

Beti said...

great photos!

em.me.ma said...

(bad tendency of accidentally deleting my comments...)

Giselle said...

wow girl, I love your style and blogg!
:D Hugs from Spain!

Elle said...

wow, I've always wanted to go to hong kong. The last time I traveled to Asia for for the Chinese Olympic games, and my family plans to go to Hong Kong this summer for a trip. I'm so fascinated with the place and its street culture. Is there any place you recommend?

xx elle

S said...

Hong Kong is amazing. I've been inside that boat, and to 'Times Square', but I think it was called something else. Good to hear you had a great time.