Friday, January 28, 2011

couture d'art /240th post!

My latest creationss. Painting on my tops and casual dresses. I'm still preparing for the launch of my own webite so I've been a mad woman sewing day and night (plus school). A sneak preview of what I got so far. Did I mention I finally got a serger! hello Janome baby;)

So as most of you know, I had my gr ten piano exam not too long ago and they went computerized (during my performance all I hear is tap tap tap tap tap ) and results are out! Okay I got the EXACT same mark as last time WTF LOL! Well first of all, must say the examiner was much tougher than the last but maybe it's because the computer allow her to write faster so she observes more... Anywho, I did get over 70 percent on all my songs so I just need a supplementary ... darn you SCALES. So that's my little rant.

School has been much fun. and stress. and no sleep. Though I did bump into a friend the other day and she told me that she had to go to the hospital because she didn't sleep in so long. OKAY at least I haven't reached that extremity yet!

I really am sorry about the horrible resolutions, I keep forgetting to charge up my camera so I resided to my beloved malfunctioning Crackberry. Do any of you have the problem where your phone doesn't ring even though it's on Normal mode with full volume and then random in class it decides to ring? sigh* technology.

Oh and the last picture is something I painted for Art Battle. Torontonians! better reach this awesome event and vote for my art :) How it works is two artists are given 20 minutes to create a painting and the audience choose which one is better. Apparently if no one bids for a painting you do (over $50), they have the right to destroy it! AH! anyway, mark FEB 5th peeps!


p.s. I got eyelash extensions! I absolutely adore them, anyone had them done before?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cold Times

I don't know if you guys are anything like me, but when it's cold, I DREAD going in the shower because I would just be anticipating that horrible feeling where you just get out of the shower and you freeze to death. anyone with me? Welll it feels a little bit like the following photo:
In other news, sorry for dissappearing, school started and it's So Insanely Hectic! *AH! I love the fashion program and I'm learning so much, in turn I have no time to do anything else. The commute to school itself is over three hours a day :( boo, and it's not just one bus or one subway and get time to sit down with a book, NO. I have to change a gazillion times and transfer and walk and transfer and walk, well I guess you get my point.
I snuck some outfit pics for the week and made the above scarf, I think I'm gonna start a website soon selling stuff I make!! I'm so excited :)
i'm so sorry I look so sleepy and tired in all these photos!
  1. bluenotes Yellow jeans (haven't worn in foreve! I really should wear more), mom's turtleneck (which I use to hate but it goes well with the new Minimalism look)
  2. [was off to piano exam thus the girly/ formal attire] jacob vneck, Pmall skirt, HK scarf
  3. H&M jeans (i think...). Old navy floral tank, FMP wool off shoulder sweater

I definitely am watching too much Love it Or List it, and other home decor shows on W channel, because an ugly furnished space PISS me off! CSN has some really cool modern dining room furniture ranging from cute Salt and Pepper shakers to cabinetry.

I especially love that dip sauce set! I'm a sucker for dipping ;)
how has the first month of the year been treating you?


p.s. never thought the day would come where I get 200 followers! thanks so much to all my readers :) You guys are all so encouraging and inspiring!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buffalo Me

It all happened one afternoon when my friends and I went shopping downtown and I stepped into Buffalo. First I was greeted by a cute sale associate (whom I became friends with later on haha) and then tried on these medium wash denim skinnies.

it was love

Jeans are so... objective. Each pair choose a certain girl to love.
it's almost a wonder when you find that perfect bum hugging pair that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Buffalo Jeans are definitely taylored for me! I mean levi's... I'm sorry but . why are you "the jean store"? I've been there numerous time with a hopeful heart hoping to finally find a comfortable fit as everyone else seems to have, like Jessica Simpson's song "The real me is a Southern girl
With her Levi's on and an open heart " yeah, ain't happening for this ... northern girl?
Then I tried a really nice pair at Mendocino, oh it fits so well. Later on, did I see my hands are slowly turning darker! the Dark wash was definitely camouflaging into my skin:| So dear old Buffalo jeans I will stick to.

did I mention that they are so afforadble as well!
I did my nails
with a paintbrush to match my new Buffalo denims:)

don't mind my dry wintery fingers!

hors d'euves I made a while back
I just recently moved and I think this is my dream room... Love the Victorian Architectures!


p.s. I survived the first week of School in the fashion program at George Brown! MAN, it was exhausting between commuting and working but I am loving it and the diversity of people I'm meeting. I am quite scared for "week 5" as every single class prof emphasized is when we all panic and don't sleep and the work load is unnervingly immense. Though in the mean time I'll just unwind at Pusateri's, like the cutest bakery/ tiny up sale grocery store that a friend brought me to by Bay station .

p.p.s. Piano exam in ONE DAY. wish me luck!

Teddie Hammock

H&M baggy pink top
(it was on sale and the last one was about 10 size bigger than me)
shrug scarf: streets of HK
BEBE belt
Costa Blanca thigh socks
I had a fight with my boyfriend.
about omelettes.

coz he makes crepe-like ones and I wanted the normal kind with the veggies IN the egg.
so I thought I'd make myself one this morning :)
Saturday night, instead of going out,
bf and I stayed in and made a Hammock for my Teddies.


Quite easy actually
Last but not least, I want to share a photo I found a while back
Just love it.

p.s. I'm so excited to start school tomorrow!
Gonna wear my new Buffalo jeans that I adore and my longchamp purse

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Piece Of HK

before I left for Hong Kong,
I made Christmas cookies with a friend and poka dotted my nails
it's called marsh mellow ice, or something like that, really delicious, wish they had it in Toronto.
You can choose the flavours and toppings,
I went a little overboard... !
So when I arrived in HK, being so foreign to this island, I had a conversation with a friend who lives there that went a something like this:

Me: Hey!! I arrived, let's go out to drink!
friend: ya, sounds great! Where are you?
Me: ... I'm not sure... there's a big boat beside me.

projector clock, what an amazing yet useful home decor
it was at my Aunt's place I was staying at
this was at Times Square for just a day I believe.
Is there a Times square in every country!? There is one were I live as well and OFC in New York, and who knows where else.

Christmas Lights on Christmas Eve; my dad and I ended up getting lost and walked for hour on end in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Well two,
but that's a lot for the normal GTA-ian.
I stole this picture from,
I really miss Hong Kong now that I'm looking at the live night life they have.
Miss the seven elevens at every block, the subways, the cheap markets and having to walk a few miles a day.
So my friend took me out for drinks not far from the street above along with his friends, and sitting in on their conversations was the most eye opening cultural experience I had in Hong Kong for sure. Their way of life is so different and -frankly- very dramatic, socially and politically, it's like listening to a soap opera!
Plus they are so open about everything and are so strong in communicating exactly what they think and feel. Maybe it's because the majority of them are so mature at such a young age .

anywho, can't wait to go back:)