Monday, May 31, 2010


It really does feel like a dream, I can't believe my prom is over! Most people say prom is over-rated and they are left disappointed but I truly believe it was a very magical night, can't believe four years in high school just flew by! I will never forget the amazing friends I made and memories that will last a life time. I've been designing my prom dress for the longest time, I really wanted to do a huge poofy victorian/ barbie style gown but I realize I will look kind of stupid and it'll be RIDICULOUS to dance in. There were only two slow songs that whole night! I spent over 250 dollars on the fabric alone! and I started making this two months before prom.
we both made our own prom dress!
I'm not sure if you have heard of the scholarship you can get if you make your prom suit/dress entirely out of duck tape. When I first thought about it, I thought of a crappy grey jacket. But after going on the website, I am truly stunned!
After prom party at hilton hotel, such a nice room! at 3am we went out to mcd drive thru and there were 3 guys standing by the drive through menu, we asked them what they're doing and one of them was holding a flyer and a permanent marker, "I'm writing down my orders" except in Chinese. Turns out they're from Vancouver, around 30 years old and smoking out of a pipe. I couldn't help but crack up, we ended up ordering for them and in return they gave my bf some random old style cigarette!

The next day, ate breakfast at Sunset Grill and met up with everyone before heading to wasaga. SUCH a delicious all day breakfast place! yummm.

how was your prom day?


Sunday, May 30, 2010

bow and books

bow: a piece of my prom dress
sweater: stolen from brother
skirt: H&M
socks: lisa cosmetic sale
bf and i hand washing our cars on a sunday afternoon; BEST SOBE drinks in the world :)!
hollister vest and tank, skirt from HK

I just got back home this afternoon from a weekend at wasaga and prom!! So I really should be working on my finance report now...

be back soon ;)

Friday, May 28, 2010


;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ladies and gentlemen!

I am so sorry for being away and unblogging; it's been a HECTIC month. yesterday was prom and the night before was my school's fashion show (where i designed 9 dresses) AND today I'm heading to wasaga for a weekend after prom trip. I will update VERY soon and show you lovelies all my photos including the prom dress that I Made! As well I've been asked by fashion jinx to do an interview; so excited about that too! keep posted!!! mwaa!



Saturday, May 15, 2010

first ever GIVE AWAY!

WOO! 99 followers! What better way to celebrate than to have my very first giveaway! I was asked by CSN store to do another review and this time one lucky reader would get this amazing

Adi Designs Double Handle Rosette Handbag.perfect for the spring and summer! I was going through their sites and it's incredible what a range they have! I stumbled upon Bathroom Vanity; and there are some really cute decor including vintage style sinks/cabinet to makeup tables! CSN have over 200 stores, I personally love their selection of rugs and jewelry armoires.

To enter this contest
1) leave a comment telling me what you would wear with this purse
2) and to follow!
(oh and leave your e-mail!:))

you can also get an extra entry for blogging about my giveaway, and ANOTHER entry for tweeting about this(leave link)

unfortunately this contest is only available for the States and Canada. Deadline is June 17th, 2010 !

the winner will be picked out from
best of luck!:)


p.s. check out story of my life squared 's MAC products giveaway!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Princess café

i really like holes. I burned some holes into my "i love NY" tee that my friend bought me. You can only see one big one but it's actually ALL over :P . i really like holes. here's a design i drew with my babies (new prisma markers!).
here's a café that my friends and I discovered. OH MON dieu; never saw anything so cute; there were couches and looked kinda victorian but cute-sy. oh it's so nice:) it is definitely my new chill spot. Located by Finch station!
yum chocolate fondue.
another design :)

p.s. I found this off another blog. a Bless tote from Longchamp. I thought it's so cutee. conceptualized and innovative :) it's 30% off right now so check it out!

p.p.s. my bf is currently making some mad pro meal for me. I am so excited haha! what a charm to have man that can cook ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010


blazer: armani exchange
jeans: morgan
belt: tough
tee: HK
messenger bag: Smartset
yellow scarf: pashmina cashmere:)
my boy and I have the ritual of making pancakes saturday morning :) obviously my plate is prettier; oh and his have a HUGE slab of butter on the center and drowning in syrup loL!
Today, friend and i went downtown so that I could eat at the waffle place that I mentioned in the last post but ONCE AGAIN it was closed!!: ( how heart breaking. maybe that waffle place and I aren't meant to be... however, my friend introduced me to a pub/restaurant called "the 3 brewers"
they make their own beers! My friend ordered this caramel beer thing; YUM. and i ordered this amazing dessert ( i swear i can just live off dessert!), soo delicious and the alcohol was quite strong though.My amazing friend's 18th surprise birthday dinner! Oh how time flies; we are LEGAL AGE now O__o. what happened to bumming out on our front porch drinking lemonade and think boys had cooties!
Yellow Kitty nail polish ; new line from sally hansen. Gorgeous colours! a lot of pastelly yellows, blue and brown:)My puppy playing dead; isn't he adorable :}


Thursday, May 6, 2010

un après un autre

Hey there readers:) just want to thank everyone for the support! hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Here are some photos from here and there :}

pompom scarf: mom's!
tank: HK
cardigan: mom's
shorts: H&M
purse: longchamp

wedeges: Morgan (they left very painful marks on my feet. . but then again, maybe coz instead of going to class, I went dt to buy fabric and walked FOREVER to the waffle place beside Urban behaviour, you know the one beside eatons? anyways THIS IS LIKE the 5th time I've gone and craved one and never ended up getting one :( the sidewalk in front was under construction so it was closed!) Instead my bf and I went to Marble Slab. SOO YUMMY. at first I'm like, why are they putting my icecream on a stove. . . but it's actually a cold pan and they smush it so you can put whatever you want in the icecream. I got walnut, almond flakes and cookie dough; in my lemon custard ice cream. HEAVEN in a bite.delicious sushi/sashimi @ Gals with family :)

pashmina cashmere scarf
AE haltor top
UP converse heels
I was oh-so-exhausted after work, So I decided to go to the moxie's bar with my daddy haha!White Peach belini :) cool bar eh.
a very random picture I drew/ painted.
tee: forever XXI
scarf : burberry
shoes: Le chateau
purse: gucci
teeshirt dress: off the streets somewhere in Hong Kong
sandals: H&M
belt: tough

the other day I went to the Owl City and Lights concert!:) i actually preferred it if there were seats. . but it was pretty fun if you don't count the swarm of little kids all around !so is it illegal to put your feet out of the window in a moving vehicle?
well it felt damn nice. Yesterday was 28 degrees!! DAMN.
hope you enjoyed my random blog post ! How are you spending your summery days?