Friday, December 31, 2010

bonne année!

Spoof dress
missselfridge tights
H&M sequence vest
lightbulb necklace (approx. $1.40 and it glows!) HK
Swarovski necklace

So this is my New Years Eve outfit.
oh and my nails are coated a gold Chanel nail polish

I'm still undecided what to do for new years eve with my boyfriend and it's less that ten hours away! Well, it's to be decided, how are you celebrating your NYE!


p.s. sorry for being MIA, I feel like talking about my HongKong experience -it was only 8 days but much fun and culturally stimulating, different then when I went in September and just lived like a tourist. anyway, will fill you in later along with many pictures!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Wedding

Me and Daddy
The thing about young parents is people often mistaken your father as your boyfriend, or maybe that just even more paramount in countries like HongKong to have young girlfriends? anyways just a tad weird!
outdoor venue; absolutely gorgeous

sequins BEBE dress
B2 black heels
CostaBlanca Chain belt
Izzue knit Circle Scarff


p.s. for those who don't have trypophobia (which I learned means fear of dots) check out this lovely pokadot giveaway

Thursday, December 16, 2010

J'adore L'or

I spotted this beautiful gold fabric (and it's stretchy!) on sale and I just KNEW it's fate.
it's meant for me to make this number !
I made a tiny change after; slimmed down the sleeves
Inspired by the Marc Jacob's Gold dress that Serena Van Der Woodsen wore.

here's a pic of her posing for vanity.
a little too glam to not share!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I Died a LITTLE when I saw those skirts in LOULOU's november issue.
I HAD to make them.
$11/half metre
I santa-fied my new jacket, a little :)
what do you think?
Last but not least. My new gold fishies!
They're my Christmas present from my boyfriend (along with food, tank and etc.)
We've always had an inside joke that I'm his fish (he loves fishing) and that he caught me.
before I opened the big wrapped present,
he said " if you can guess it, which I know you won't, I'll buy you another present"
and low and behold i blurted out FISH TANK?

oh ya and I got the present early because I'm leaving for HONGKONG (again) soon time!
for my uncles wedding:]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

winter wonderland

necklace: etsy
banana: CNE
pj bottoms: Lasenza
sweater top: unknown
high socks: roots

p.s. Congratz to Lovely Domestic Diva for winning my giveaway:)

p.p.s. Photoshoot with the amazing Jonathan pang
all the clothes below are made by yours truly

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

make your own blinged shoes and chained shirt

double knot hair

chilling at my daddy's place
full of childhood memories....
(& garbage I need to throw out!)
I digress;
(big bag of blingbling aprox $10 @ Michaels, glue gun $1 @ convenient store)


Christian Louboutin's:

(chiffon 1/2 metre aprox $3 @ fabricland, black sheer fabric aprox $3/metre @ fabricland, Chains $2 for 2 metres @ Queen st. w)
Issey Miyake's:
(my mom adores this brand)

for those whose been following my blog for a while, y'all know I used to have a huge fetish for fruit smoothies in the morning. Now, I have an obsession with juicing the following:
Most asian people know bittermelon is one of the most disgusting tasting vegetable alive; but it's SOOOOOO good for you! Benefits? Detoxification, good for your skin, helps you lose weight, and generally better for you in all aspects of health!

I am



with Burlesque.

Did I mention I totally forgot it was Christina Aguilera?! She played the character "Ali" who was so innocent and beautiful and all I could think of is didn't Christina have a baby and have pierced lips nose . . .

But I have a new found respect for her.
her "mutant lungs" didn't come from no where, "it's dedication".

p.s. Harry Potter wasn't that bad. I totally expected some really corny fantasy type of thing. But the graphics was good... I even wore my pajamas to the theatre incase I'd fall asleep which I DID NOT ! Thanks boyfriend for dragging me along.

trois plus jours!


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