Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to eat and wear during fall

"Look your best - who said love is blind? "
always have gloves when driving!
rings: Mexx & Garage
Buy sunflowers, it'll make you smile
especially on days without sun
even when your body craves for fatty food
(it tends to do that a lot when it's cold)
Hot green tea and fruit box with whole wheat bread and egg@ Starbucks
this is such a lovely dessert! caramelized with brown sugar, butter and brandy!
nothing will keep you as warm as this tasty baby.

fill up on the lovely vegetable soups
so healthy and warming:)

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Rita said...

You look gorgeous in the pictures! I agree with your choices - pearls are fabulous! and legs warmers over tights and leggings is so stylish!
the food looks so yummy!


MizzJ said...

Love your legwarmers and all those knit layers!

LyddieGal said...

Your multi-layered look is quite perfect for the fall, I love how you doubled up on scarves and added lots of charm with the pearls!

Chic on the Cheap

rosanguyen said...

Yum yum! The caramelised pear. Everything is yummy when its caramelised! Also the recipe used for the macarons on my blog are from "Notsohumblepie.blogspot.com"

daisychain said...

I love your layering!

Krystal said...

i totally want your leg warmers!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

every piece goes well with each other! such a perfection for fall =DD barbiejunk

Aki No Yuutsu said...

OMG!!! Love how you wear your leg warmer!!! (>w<)

Sunny & Star said...

I absolutely love your blog. Great pictures and you look amazing.

Kym said...

ah, i love everything about fall :) the transition from hot, hot, heat to cool crisp fresh air. and my body craves for fatty foods pretty much everyday. hahaha! it's so hard to resist!!!

Lucy Roberts said...

Great look, perfect to combat the cold with style!

Hilaloeya said...

you are amazing! This is really going to help me allot!
come follow and I will follow back!


Debby said...

What a fun post! Yes, I do tend to crave comfort food when the weather gets cooler.. plus, I think we are covered up more so don't worry so much about a pound or two, (or 5 in my case). Now, off to do the treadmill. xo

Jet♥ said...

Wauw it looks so delicious!
I'm gonna make it for sure!

Yeah I'm really happy with my brown nailpolish!

Jennifer said...

i love this second photo ! great blog ;)
followed yours. mind to follow back ?? thnks love

hiven said...


Kristina said...

aww, love your outfit! :)
and no problem! :P

3ate4 said...

Love the leg warmers!

Jennifer said...

Love you're rings!! Where did you get the big turquoise one??

CoffeeBlooms said...

the caramelized pear looks delicious!! lovely look :)

Shirley said...

beautiful pictures!
and you look gorgeous!love your style


Oslo by fashion said...

Youre rings are amazing! I am a ringoholic so woud die for those!

The fabrick is syntetic leather (also known as SKY) :)

I go in the only school on the second year in oslo, called sogn but i am soon heading out for a school in denmark called TEKO.. You shoud really check TEKO out, it is in denmark and quite amazing!

Where are you beginning?

Thank you sooo much for the sweet comment :)


Lorreta F. Michelle said...

I like your outfit :D

have a great weekend

rebecca said...

starbucks and tights... two of my favourite things!


Alan Li said...

The unhealthy shit at Starbucks is expensive enough! I bet you that tray of apples and nuts costed you like 10 bucks.

Anyways, I love the last pic of you

jamie-lee said...

love the outfit - you look beautiful. and OMG.. that caramalised pear looks sooo good! xx


kattarzyna said...

These shoes are awesome!

Valou said...

I love your look

stylestalker said...

double-scarfs: great tip babe! Thankyou.