Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving, I went away somewhere really far to go apple picking! With my boyfriend and his friends, it was a lot of fun but quite exhausting, all the green and yellow delicious seems to have been all plucked so we just got a bunch of red ones (which are my favourites anyway), quite pricey though -$16 for a bag, but the fun is worth it :) Reminds me of the good old days in elementary school going to the farm for a field trip!
dress: bluenotes
boots: Aldo
gloves: Escada
scarf: self knit
jacket: from mom

for thanksgiving dinner, I decided to roll up my sleeves and cook a mighty feast for my mom and brother. Dad's in LA -.-
made: autumn soup (pumpkin, carrots, celery, potato and onion)
baked potato with sour cream
french salad with pecans
Turkey (not one whole! just slices)
cranberry sauce (from dried ones -i improvised!)& gravy
Stuffing {kinda experimental... but turned out nice }
& last but not least
met up with some friends for a birthday at Baton Rouge. Oh I love public holidays :)

Oh, did I mention I finally got accepted by George Brown!? I'm so excited! I actually had to go all the way to the office to find out -apparently the computers were down for improvements. I'll most likely be living in the city finally!

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dating diva said...

I love your outfit! Also I am dying to get some gloves like that ;)


Nilcha's Fashion Chronicles said...

nice gloves.
seems like u had great day on thanksgiving. nice post!

Li said...

i really love happy pictures ... and you have some truly awesome accessories!

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here is link to my post with details, thanks a bunch in advance, xx


Alice said...

Oh thank you so much! And yep, I'm a German!:) Such a lovely Blog you have here. Follow you! Follow me back?
xx, Alice :)

Kristina said...

the photos are nice. and aaw you are so cute! haha. your smile is so adorable! it makes me smile as well.

Daniela said...

Yummy scarf and boots - and dinner! Looks so good. lol I love that there's a tiny pumpkin for decor :)


super love your escada gloves! they are just so pretty emily!
and yeah you know the jayesslee they are korean but they stay in australia! first time I watched their videos its like OMG they are so talented!


Kym said...

apple picking sounds fun! i used to remember when i was younger, we used to go blueberry picking... it was tiring but fun! hehe! ;D way to go on your thanksgiving feast... i love holidays too, not just for the break we get but also for the meanings behind them. congrats on getting accepted by George Brown! :)

Krystal said...

such a cute outfit! i have a scarf that color and it's perfect for fall, isn't it?

Rita said...

Congratulations of being accepted :D
beautiful pictures, looks like you all had a lot of fun! Your outfit is amazing! That scarf is so gorgeous, and it's self knit! Amazing job, I am really impressed!
Following you :)


misscindee said...

omg hunnie, cute outfit. very autumn. hope you had a good *gobble gobble* day =P

LyddieGal said...

your apple picking outfit is so adorable! The green scarf with the red pleated gloves - I just love it!!

Chic on the Cheap

sharonlei said...

Wow! Apple picking.. how cute. :) Lookin' sweet as always girlie. Hope you are well.

xx Love & Aloha