Thursday, October 7, 2010

Half year off, what have I been doing?

Be prepared for a trip;)
Okay so I admit life isn't THAT much fun out of high school and yet to go to college.
my plan is to go to GeorgeBrown for year and a half
then NewYork FIT for another two.

but so far, GB has been a b*&%@, something went wrong in my application, and they've yet assessed my sewing test.... tick tock
in the mean time. first time ever shopping at value village.
it's really not that scary. cute sweater eh?
What else have I been doing?
well, for the first time in my life, I made a pie! a delicious apple pie might I add.
baking really is therapeutic.
Been spending lots of time with my boyfriendie.
he buys me flowers ;) KEEPER!
and OFC sewing my brains out.

and because I feel so deprived of my university experience,
I decided to take a detour to Waterloo
(two lovely people we met, they come with Jägerbomb!)
(cinnamon on orange is ..gorgeous, please try for your own sake!)
i've been at the grocery store way too much.
time makes you think what to eat.
then it makes you want to cook...
even though you probably could have bought it somewhere and it'd cost about the same...

oh and I opened up a store at ETSY! PLEASE visit and see what's in store ;)!
anyways, I've tried applying to jobs but no bites so with my remaining time till school...
-I am gonna try kick boxing
-do some serious reading & go to the library more
-travel? I wish I could be brave enough to do it solo...
-I will continue learning to sing
-catch up on all the tv shows that I wanted to watch
(while knitting, so I still feel productive)
-I will spend more time with my chihuahua
-rearrange my room for a little fung shui improvement
-and do art

That's all I can think of, any suggestions? Things that you always wish you did if you had more time? I remember when I was busy doing a million things I would want to do a million others, maybe the wanting isn't as strong when the pace of life slows down and everything seems to be a little more procrastinated or requires a little more effort... I guess you just gotta get the ball rolling.
best of luck to me.

p.s. don't forget about my giveaway!!


augustalolita said...

lovely photos!! your pie looks delicious!! and your boy sounds like a sweet heart <3

rosanguyen said...

Yum yum baking and sunflowers! :D


just know that you are into fengshui emily!


leblogdemok said...

Love it !!!!!!

daisychain said...

your pie looks amazing!

and cinnamon and orange? gotta try it!

Kristina said...

i really like the first and the last picture. so cute! :)
and thank you!

RicAdeMus said...

It looks like you're a natural in the kitchen...and yep, BF is a keeper! =)

This will sound odd, but so often the feeling of wanting something turns out to be more fun than having it. I know, it sounds crazy. But it's like when you were younger and had a crush on a guy, but then you get to know him and he turns out to be a jerk. Or you might think it would be fun to take a ceramics class, and then you can't stand it. But of course it could be great!

Anyway, I just try to remember that so I enjoy the wanting (and looking forward to) and don't get too frustrated when things take longer to work out--like with school. I hope this makes sense! =)

A and A said...

my dear! travel solo... I promise you will never ever regret it. best decision I made after undergrad. love the list... good thinking.

A and A said...

travel solo!!
Best decision I ever made. Really.
Love your list of good thinking and good time spent.

xxjetjj said...

very nice pics!

Sunny & Star said...

Sorry about the school application. Hopefully everything works out well. Love the photos especially the last one.

Castor Pollux said...

You look sweet in the pics, Em! And the flowers are so sweet! :D

Castor Pollux

Emilie said...

looooooove all the pictures, very cool post!!


enjoy your weekend :)

Nina said...

doesnt value village rock, scary at first but filled with hidden treasures :)

Krystal said...

wow you sound busy but like you're having fun!!

The Owl's Closet said...

The apple pie does look delicious! Makes me want to go bake some, too:) What a fun foam party! Sorry to hear about glitches with ur application. Sigh, I know how annoying it can be:( Hope it all works out! Your list of things to do before school sounds like fun! Definitely enjoy this time before college;) Have a great week!