Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuba or Dominican Republic?

This is a dress I made with chiffon, silk and some embroidery and lace! More photos coming from the photoshoot :) stay tuned!
so I went to promenade to spend my discount card at Mexx.
I came across these DARLING 5 inch clogs @ Town Shoes.
I HAD to Own them :)
my little shopping spree
I'm really loving the purse, it can used by the handles or a long strap, it's actually quite big so I can put books and binder or even my dog inside!
making sushi with bf. yum!

So I am planning on going on away with my mom, and we're teared between Dominican Republic and Cuba. Which one do you think is a better October/November get away?? Please help me out! Give me you opinion :)

I watched Wall Street yesterday, loving it, I heard it was based on an original and I'm dying to check out Wall Street 1. I wonder if it's similar... but Shia Labeouf is amazing along with Carey Mulligan. It always stuns me to see Shia looking so OLD, I mean not old but looking like a man. I remember always watching him on Even Steven looking like a teenager! Time is scary!
Oh might I add, taking Finance class in grade12 FINALLY came in handy, I actually understood all the Finance/ stock talk 8)!

On other news, I just joined Chictopia! Check it out on the right hand side.

p.s. don't forget about my giveaway!!

p.p.s. I can't believe I'm nearing 150 readers! Thank you for all the support, feel free to drop me any question, emails, anything!


20 York Street said...

Wow, those clogs are absolutely beautiful! 5-inches? I'm impressed!

Congratulations on your huge following!


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Krystal said...

that dress is so cute!

augustalolita said...

the dress is beautiful, you did an amazing job :) i love your new stuff, especially the clogs!! and the food looks so yummy <3

RicAdeMus said...

OMGosh! I've never seen clogs like that.

LOLanne took a really nice trip to the Dominican Republic last year--the pics made me want to go. I've never been to either place.

Kristina said...

i really like the color of the dress.
and i choose.. dominican republic. i don't know why but i always wanted to go there.

Rita said...

Love the dress, beautiful colours! and the clogs are fabulous! great find :)

rosanguyen said...

Ohhh nice purchases. I love buying something when its at a discounted price so I don't feel the guilt of it.

CoffeeBlooms said...

love your dress and clogs! and love sushi!! :)


I just wish I can click the follow button once more time! so you will have your 150 followers!

and OMG ralph laurent clogs are so boogy boogy pretty!

OMG you are going on trip again? I am looking for country that doesn't have winter too!


Sunny & Star said...

You're dress is beautiful. I love all of your photos.

rebecca said...

your dress is beautiful! i wish i was good at making clothes...

Haute World said...

Gorgeous dress - such a lovely shade and the embroidery is wonderful! Great haul from Mexx by the way... I used to love shopping there, but where I live, their stuff is hard to find.

The Owl's Closet said...

Wow, good job with the dress! Nothing like shopping therapy:) Ooo the getaway with ur mom sounds like fun!

Jennifer said...

Lovely dress!! Last year this time I went to Punta Cana, DR it was AMAZING!! Very beautiful! I would go back in a heartbeat!!

My name is Chloé said...

OMG you're GORGEOUS! And your dress is awesome !

Thuhien said...

Are you really looking for those tights? Then you should check these webshops:

Debby said...

Very cute dress... wish I could sew! Love the clogs too! xo

fhen said...

that's an adorable photo
and your shopping score looks great!


Aki No Yuutsu said...

Beautiful Dress!!!
And I love those clogs!!!
Thanks for droppin' by my Blog.
Followin' ya!

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

You did very well on your shopping spree :) loving the clogs!


Oslo by fashion said...

Love the clogs! Been looking for something like theese myself! lovely blog, and so funny you are designing youreself! I am just finished my skirt in school, woud be fun if you checked it out :)

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Wow love that gold dress, and you look amazing in that shot. :-)