Monday, September 6, 2010


My heart stopped a little when I saw this, I want to wear it! I believe it's made up of paper roses, how gorgeous does this look?
so maybe going to HK in september isn't the best idea, I am literally ROTTING here! and as always I have that weird motionsickness thing (which i get EVERYTIME i go anywhere in asia) where I want to pass out and my legs won't budge, and this time to add on to it, i'm sneezing like crazy!
everyone keeps asking me if i did a lot of shopping, well no. this is basically all I got ! though I do love these great steals (and bunny ear clips? okay priceless) I feel everything else I want is quite over price. And i think i'd be the earth's worst haggler ..

i woke up this morning to my brother jumping on my bed at around 4am and shoving this in my face. My boyfriend sweetly asked him to help get this albumn for me for our 4 month anniversary :) awwww!! it smells so strong of chemical paint though! Then my brother, my mom and I all decided to order McD @5am(instead of pizza pizza, mcd has like 24 hr delivery!) I went to bed after devouring a fish-filet and hashbrown :P
fairweather tank
AE shorts
@ the race track's grand opening with grandparents and brother :) that horse kept hitting my head ! messed up my hair :{
yummy sashimi bowl right? um no, got stomach ache afterwards. GAH, Hk does. not. like. me.

ever seen macaroons SO BIG?

top made by me
scarf from HK
I went swimming for the first time today even though I've been eyeing the pool through my bedroom window for a while, the water is just GORGEOUS, I can't get over how relaxing it felt to swim when it is boiling outside and feel so refreshed! However, their were two lifeguards.. just watching over me because who else would go swimming at 10am on tuesday. Oh and did I mention within the hour outside I'm a good three shades darker?

well that's it for me now, my brother just left so NOW i have 24 hours access to the computer and I promise I will blog more :) not that i have much else to do here!


p.s. two things I want to add about HK,

1) The bras here are SOO GOOD and fit small so normally I'm an A/B cup but here i am B/C, AWESOME ;)

2) the toilets are shapped sooo funny here... i miss canada's toilets.

thats all :)


rosanguyen said...

Woah that rose dress! I would be stunned just as well. And thsoe huge macarons!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

the huge rose dress is so gorgeous! i love hongkong!!


vivi said...

i'm drooling over your sashimi bowl and that HUGE macaroons
and gorgeous dress, stunning color and roses are all over it <3

Mary Jane Girl said...

its funny how although you originate from asia when you go there you get motion sickness :P kinda ironic :P looooooove that rose dress by the way! and really cute photos! you're adorable!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Fantastic pictures. I love that top you made your self and that red rose paper dress is just amazing!! :)

ARA said...

hahah, thanks for your comment.I`m living in Europe and I`ve been in HK for only a month but it was love at first sight lol. I wish I could go there again as soon as possible. Wanna swap places? lol

RicAdeMus said...

Eek, I hope you get to enjoy some more shopping before you come home. Three shades in an hour! That's amazing. The food looks great, I'm sorry it didn't agree with you. Maybe you could load up on treats to bring home and enjoy them when you're back to feeling like yourself.

About my monkey girl, I honestly had more fun with her than any friend ever--and we really were just friends. It was pretty cool.

Tania said...

Drooling. Over. That. Dress.
Is it right to feel lusty about paper? XD
I've never been to asia, but that's just wierd... my friend says that they always try to haggle everything over there, if you just turn away they're like "Okay $5!"...

Velire said...

hey Em,

Totally adore the red dress of paper roses, I would definitely want one like that.

You got to go out and shop and just relax. Gusssh envy. hehehe.

Btw, you looked gorgeous in the pageant. Just scrolled down to see your pics.

P.S. My DIY shirt? I simply cut it up then wove it. :) Pretty easy really, I'd make you one but you live so far. :( hehehe.

rebecca said...

the rose dress is so beautiful! i can't believe it's made entirely out of paper...

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

love all the jewelry, especially the necklace. and your sandals are cute too. i want to visit this place and see that rose dress in person. it's awesome. must've taken for-ever!

AlvianaKalin said...

HK must be great!!

ANN said...

Wow that rose dress is so beautiful! & the last two lines about HK made me laugh haha

michelle_ said...

you look really pretty in all of these pics emma !
i saw you on the pageant photos.. and woah you're just stunning babe 1

glistersandblisters dot com

Pop Champagne said...

I like that jeweled necklace you picked out. and man you got such pretty hair! hehe I get sick when I travel sometimes too, I think it's the pressure and the humidity...

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

that dress is so so so BEAUTIFUL~ I LOVE IT!

Margaret said...

eeee i want that rose dress!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

michellehendra said...

pretty!!! love love love


ching said...

that red dress is blowing my mind!
haha i know how it feels being a shade darker when just being an hour mental note, SPF. SPF. SPF. :)

The Owl's Closet said...

Sounds like ure having fun out there in HK. Thanks for sharin gur pics with us. The paper roses dress is stunning!