Thursday, August 12, 2010

F.A.T. [fashion art toronto]

it's been a while since I've had time to sit down and relax, and take a breath. Well here I am doing just that with a bowl of broccoli and phili dip! I can only say that this summer has flown by and I experienced so many unforgettable things that are life changing. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I've had through the Pageant I'm in as well as for my boyfriend who has done SO INCREDIBLY much for me in such a short time we've known each other.

but it's not all play for me because in a little bit more than a week I have my grade 10 piano exam... oh boy. So the next 8 days i will be plopped in front of my piano for 3 hours a day. to cheer myself out, I've been indulging in Pictures from F.A.T. I just recently discovered this event/organization through the facebook photo album of our pageant's hair stylists!


hope you guys enjoyed the photos as much as I did :)



really enjoy it and I feel that its totally amazing! I want that white tiger scarf :)

*thanks for your comment too gorgeous! all the best in the peagent! can't wait to see you hitting hongkong!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

I love all pics you post, so gorgeus!;) xx,BarbieJunk

Castor Pollux said...

good luck for the exams! the photos are so cool; thanks for sharing :D

Castor Pollux

Sunny & Star said...

Great photos! Thanks for posting them!

Good luck on your exam! I so wish that I could play the piano.

free spirit fashion said...

thanks for your comment! awesome photos/designs!