Sunday, July 25, 2010

one long day, one outfit

I'm way too lazy to put my picture in chonological order haha, but basically I wore a really expensive looking scarf from unknown that my mother gave me, a H&M dress plus Morgan heels and ring from denise, costa blanca accessories bracelet and sally hansen nail polish.

this is basically how my summer has been looking like. lots of nice food (esp since summerlicious rolled around!) and a bit of alcohol.. Just spent two hours outside with my dad cleaning the lawn chairs for my smal little birthday gathering : ) it's a gorgeous day to do it too.




ANN said...

I looove your ring! & I my summer so far has consisted of a lot of nice food as well haha

Laura Gerencser said...

You look awesome!!!!

rosanguyen said...

Wow, I love the chunky jewellery you're wearing. And gosh summer looks so amazing right where you are. Its just a depressing humid cold winter. Which isn't delightful at all, its just sulky and depressing. Quite uncomfortable.

tessatham said...

You look so cute just walking your dog!! Haha. Glad to know your Summer has been going well! Feels like it's just passing us by though... It's almost August :(

Martwa Marta said...

you look so adorable (especially woth your friends and dog, whom i would like to steal from you if you don't mind) - the outfit is simple, but chic, and i love your ring too!


hey emilyy
you own a dog? it is damn cute one!

and loving your morgan heels