Friday, July 2, 2010

more food and canada's day!

@ Turtle Jacks . yum. with my typical gin&tonicnever thought this day would come when I convert my boyfriend to eat salad instead of steak. I GOT SKILLS !
my very own cinderella slippers
arrived in the mail!
(from aldo)
Armani blazer
H&M bando skirt
Dense tank (found a ribbon to tie around it)
costablanca scarf
my cinderella shoes ; )
my typical breakfast of yogurt and fruits: ) yum. 140 calories.
heading out to watch "get him to the greek" MY GOSH it was funny! "pet the furry wall, just pet the furry wall" LOL sorry it was just too funny to even try and recounter it. must see : )
tie from elementary school uniform
fairweather tank
pmall sequence vest
tough skirt
lechateau boots
really soft scarf, not sure from where... (mom tossed it at me)
& Elle Magazine:)
Shops on Donmills, HOLY SH*T that is the most BEAUTIFUL place.
it's like girl wonderland
amazing stores, aritzia, banana republic, coach, mendocino, just endless shop and the whole surrounding is like a whole different world. Everything's so PRETTY, like right out of Sex and the City movie set. Ended up at GLOW, amazing restaurant.
lobster mac and cheese with no butter and oil! complementary appetizer with beet risotto? yam and spicy carrotahi tuna saladSEX IN A CUP. caramel pecan chocolate something with chocolate cheesecake at the bottom (i only had a spoon, still on probation with dessert : ( ) and they actually carry a whole tray of this and we get to choose one :)
Richmond Green Fireworks!

after a poster shoot; got makeup professionally done.
boathouse skirt
Dynamite tee ($5 sale VERY soft)
Aldo boots
Chanel purse
zara sequence hobo bag
oh and new feather earrings from spring!



rosanguyen said...

This is amazing, looking at all the food you consume you're such a healthy girl :)

S. Lòpez said...

Amazing! Love all the food.

Nina said...

you are gorgeous!!! love all the foodie shots, and your gorgeous blazer and pretty slipers :)
Don mills looks so much better, it used to be so ghetto! lol thanks for stopping by & your comment, love discovering TO bloggers!