Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beauty Pageants

So I just want to say, I AM SOO SORRY FOR BING MIA! It has been quite hectic since summer started (and to think i would have free time to loll around), and on top of that, my internets been on and off so I've been so internet deprived as well.

The poster finally came out! It's quite amusing to get text message/ facebook wall posts/ Inbox messages and all the other forms of communication these days (way tooo many ) from the most random people or friends I haven't heard from saying they saw me on the poster! However, the semi-finalist is this Saturday and I have mixed feelings for it. I want it to be over, I want to look back on it, I want to be eliminated (so I can eat again!) and I don't want to be eliminated (pressure from family and friends...) and I PRAY TO GOD I won't fall flat on my face in the catwalk LOL! My friends and I at Last Call chilling; lots of chilling, love summer : ) but not enough income ( because I'm Jobless) to support my summer lifestyle . . . . . . .. O_O Do you like my bf's purple polo? He's one of those guys that never wear colour, and first thing I do is throw him in yellows and purples LOL! Aren't I such a good gf?
This was at the Toronto Night Market @ Metro, I can never get sick of Night Market! Feels like I'm in HK while in Toronto haha, which makes up for the fact that I AM SUPPOSE to be in HK right this moment, partying it up [legally might I add]. I came by this booth that was selling the cutest couple teeshirts for "Chinese Stem Cell Initiative (Research)", so Good Cause+Cute T , awesome :)


libys11 said...

oohhh that's so cool! :D goodluck with that!:D you're so pretty!

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MizzJ said...

What a coincidence! I just met 2 girls last weekend who are semi-finalists for the Vancouver edition! Good luck on the paegeant!