Tuesday, June 8, 2010

UHS fashion show

i am so proud of my models! My mix match collection

this was the single most amazing day of my life, and i can't wait to fill my life with many more;)

i've been reading Eat Pray Love, it's so interesting and thought provoking, makes me want to jump on the plane to italy and india. I don't like that it's a little choppy so it's not one trail of thought. I get kinda zoned out and then bored....... and then i'll be amazed by a passage. "yoga is about disentangling the built in glitch of the Human condition... [like] heartbreaking inability to sustain contenment. " beautiful right? who has read it? I think it really gets to me spiritually and personally.

p.s. I made it to a Pageant! funniest story how I applied for it... I was doing presentation prep with my friend, on her porch in the backyard when this guy calls (he has the same name as my bf) so i'm like hey baby! "umm. no not your baby" turns out to be an old friend and at his work place, they're doing castings for the Pageant and he said I should come. I was kind of iffy but I decided to drop by on my ride home to say hi, immediately a girl comes up to me, "do you have a head shot of yourself? bikini?" no... I was then put into a room with a panel of 6 judges, got interviewed, asked to do a cat walk and pose. and before I knew it they called back to tell me I'm one of the finalists! Honestly, I'm not expecting to win but I think it'll be an amazinggggg opportunity to meet people and learn new things:). wish me luck!


rosanguyen said...

I love how you designed and made these dreses. You are beyond talented. You are amazing!

I love the red dress!

.GilbertGanda. said...

emily! i miss yeah posT!
your models did super good job
but you did the super and super good job!!

goodluck designer


Star-Light said...

wow..these clothes are fab :)

Sophie said...

well done,hun<3

ellinelle said...

..ooooh sweetie , your designs are so beautiful , the second dress is amazing , so original , also I love the colour theme you choose ..the first dress actually made me think of OSCAR ceremony , any star could wear that dress - it's so elegant ..You have done brilliant job ..

..he he he , you was right about your guess - I get new camera Nikon D 3000 from my bf as a present - it's my new baby now : ) ..I have stand as well but I really wish just for good photographer as my bf is really bad in that : )

WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK SWEETIE - you are gorgeous ..

Ellinelle xxx

coolboy said...

very pretty and awesome outfits looks great

Classically Cool said...

your pieces are darling! i especially love the one with the arms wrapping around the stomach! =)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Beautiful dresses, I love teh backs of your creations especially - all the bows and cuts make it so fun and sexy!

annamargrete said...

loving all of the dresses!fantastic.


misscindee said...

hi darling. thx for sharing these pics of your creations with us =) i really love the red dress. its very eye catching & your model definitely knows how to rock it.

I read Eat Pray Love prob'ly 2 yrs ago and it provoked me spiritually as well. the interesting thing was I read it just before I went on a trip to Bali. So reading the book and then going gave my experience more depth. I love the book and I want to read it again before I see the movie. Have you finished it?

Ruth said...

WOW! They are really good, your very talented!
My favorites have to be the ones with the arms around the waist, and the skirt and top painted on - they are SO cool and so different, i love them!

Haha! Your story about a pageant! Good luck with it though!

Love, Ruth xo

Eva d'Eva's blog said...

amazing post! i love the second dress!