Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sewing Charlotte inspired top

Does anyone recall the ending scenes in Sex and the City when Charlotte returns to her family and kisses her baby and husband? Do you remember her beautiful white ruffle blouse!

So I decided to make a similar one out of nude beige fabric with a tint of metallic :)

yes i'm done my last exam!
freedom. tastes soo good; )

What do you think?
and socks with wedges, yay or nay?

@ ten rens with my friend when my mom decided to drop by
and talk about boy problems haha!


Silver Strands said...

WOW! You're amazing!

michelle_ said...

love your socks and wedge combo !!
hugs and kisses from

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow, I love this top!! The ruffles look unique, great job! Very pretty fabric too.

P.S. Believe it or not, I have a regular 9-5 job in an office lol But the company is really small so the environment is pretty laid-back, and I don't interact with clients dierctly, so it's not like I'm making an unprofessional impression. But I felt uncomfortable wearing those shorts all day though lol

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

that is an amazing top! i cant believe you made it! You are gorgeous. :) and i love the socks with wedges. definite yay!

<3chelsea elizabeth

leblogdemok said...

Wow those photos are stunning ! great outfit !!!!!! ;-) I Love it !

Pop Champagne said...

(but then again it looks great in the photo that's for sure!)

Pop Champagne said...

omg I LOVE the first pic!! wow it looks like something you see in magazines. and socks with wedges... mmm I've seen then look fab on runways but as everyday wear I wouldn't do it hahaha

Laura Gerencser said...

Cute top! Love the wedges.. not so much the socks!:)


Love your blog Emily. Fabulous top. I just stumbled upon your blog. Will be back for more


durbansweatheart said...

very awesome, i love the way u take ur pics with all the lighting and i adore the way you didn't overpower the shirt, u kept it simple. and the socks n wedges combo is very ALDO shoes but for the normal world its wierd. check out my blog at thx

rosanguyen said...

Wow, taht blouse is just stunning even more amazing bvecuase you made it yourself.
I also just noticed the "Outfit of the day"
Can't wait to visit on a regular basis to seen what you're wearing.

----- said...


diana xx

Yaary said...

great top! love it.
and you and your mom look stunning!


You are gorgeous dear !!

Thank you so much for your comment !
See you ;)

Milly. said...

Oh wow, your top is gorgeous!
Thanks for your comment :]


kristina said...

i like the socks with the wedges!

Sunny & Star said...

Amazing top!! You made that?!? I can't even sew a button on lol. It is very beautiful, I like the material/color you made it out of. I thought the socks were cute, but I don't really like them with wedges. Sorry!

Thanks for the comments.

Amy said...

I would say yay- I love the socks and wedges combo!! The top is amazing, your so talented :)

S. Lòpez said...

Thx for the comment! =3
Loving your blog and amazing pictures.


Rae said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Your top you made is gorgeous. The fabric is very interesting. So adorable. Please feel free to follow my blog!


kimha said...

ohh ok haha
your mom looks so young and pretty!
+ the top is stunning my dear!! <3