Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i better find your lovin' i better find your heart.

My school's fashion show! all of my beautiful models. It was soo stressful (hence my messy hair and face !), three of my models told me at the last minute they couldn't make it! And the night before the show was my last day at work so I worked late and was EXHAUSTED then I skipped the entire day of school on the day of the fashion show to do my illustrations for these dresses and putting the final touches to my blood red dress. The whole thing seemed so unreal! I was literally RUNNING from 3pm all the way till the fashion show which started at 7:30 and then ran around for another hour. but it was all worth it, I had a PERMANENT smile smacked onto my face as soon as the show started! oh and i got the "most creative award"!my friend took some professional pictures with her high tech camera and I will share them as soon as she finishes editing them!along with the fashion show, it was also the grade12 arts york visual's exhibition, each of us have to make our own little display. around 20 of us applied for the "Sincarson scholarship" and I was one of the six that got chosen to be interviewed!! (based on an essay and my display) only one gets chosen for the scholarship *fingers crossed! (had my interview yesterday, it was so much fun haha)
commission from Emerson project assigned by my school. Multi-media of prisma markers, ink pen, pencil crayon, water paint and water colour pencil crayon! Finally finished tonight.
WASAGA trip! :) SUCH an relaxing trip, totally worth a two hour drive!
wearing HK dress, H&M sandals and bikini + costa blanca accessories belt
first night: dinner with seven of my friends @ wild wings ( i got a salad and they didn't charge me, score! free dinner), while my other three are yelling at the owner of where we are staying because 1) we are paying much more than the said price 2) no fridge / air con (apparently the ppl before us stole it. . . LOL how do you steal a refrigerator? but they brought another aircon / fridge for us, but the fridge doesn't even fit in the fridge hole LOL!) 3) doors were either falling off or won't close

but honestly, Even if we were in a sh*t hole, I would have enjoyed every moment, as long as WE were all TOGETHER!
first night drinking was a tad depressing because there were lots of break-ups and everyone kinda became an emotional mess.... so my friend and I went to the beach, met a bunch of ppl, ended up swimming (boy is it warm! ) and got thrown into the water. . and ended up sleeping on the beach, ALMOST FROZE to death!
Second day: tan tan tan (I didn't think I tanned at all but seems like I have a permanent bikini on:S i love the colour though! but my goldeness is slowly fading away :( ), bf and bff arrived in wasaga! Bf's friend happened to be at Wasaga too so we went to visit them, drank like at 4 pm, that's a first. My PARENTS decided to come "visit me", they are the funniest divorced parents ever. They both sounded so excited for the road trip; they had a nice lunchh and got lost (was wondering why it took them three hours!) and then when they arrived they got me a huge box of precut fruits and vegetables! How CUTE are they? We took a long walk along the beach eating ice-cream (they were a little shocked at the blanket of almost university kids on the beach, tipsy AND drunk ). And when I returned back to our condo/cottage, all the fruits and veggie were basically gone -.- MY FREINDS ARE PIGS!
dinner by the beach called Darnedella or something, so pretty. Then we played "ride the bus" and twister. Some guy ran into and out of our unit in the middle of the night (we shouldve locked our doors..), there was a fight (someone put ketchup and mustard in someone else's bed?) and someone else punched HOLES all over the walls outside.. my friend ended up trying to stop the fight and he ended up getting caught in it ! ouch)

but overall, ah-mazing trippp :), wish i took more pics, my camera died after prom night so I had to improvise with my iphone! I can't wait to go back again SOON! I miss the soft sand beneath my feet and the relaxation lingering in the air.


p.s. i am in DESPERATE need of a better camera, any suggestions??


misscindee said...

Hi Emily! congrats on surviving your first fashion show =P your garments turned out great. i esp like the dress on the far right in your first photo.

MizzJ said...

haha sounds like a crazy trip! Oh you kids :) Looking forward to seeing more photos of your show, that's sooo cool!

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.GilbertGanda. said...

the super miss emily,
sorry for not commenting for few times since I am back to hometown and quite busy going out with friends and something like that but one more time! CONGRATS on the fashion show..
the red dress made by you was totally the one that stole my heart!
and have a fun trip with your boyfriend :D

have a nice weekend miss emily! :D

anna said...

The dresses from the show are beautiful! ^^

Sophie said...


Sophie said...


xxjetjj said...

very nice dresses!

rosanguyen said...

OMG WOWWW! This is so amazing, I also looked at your prom photos~! You made your own dress, indeed it is obvious you are absolutely talented.

Also for a camera. I'd suggest if you want a compact "point and shoot" camera get something like Canon Ixus or a Sony Cybershot. If you want something better I'd go for a entry level DSLR.

fhen said...

thats awesome!
congratulations for accomplishing it
happy for you!


Točkica said...

oh yes really great! i love your small white dress, and all together are so sweet!
kiss from croatia

Candy Rosie said...

Nice :)



E said...

I love my Canon Rebel XS! Looks like your fashion show turned out great!