Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hold my hands

SM;)E <-get it? ;) LOl. anyways this is a shirt I made a few years back at "Pali adventure Camp" in california for "fashion"; wow it seems sooooo long ago. how much it has changed in four years!

oh and my huge bikini tan!
urban behaviour haltor
HK snowflake necklace
shorts cut from jeans and painted on
le chateau boots
gucci purse

i painted this t-shirt ;) see the "EMILY MA" haha.

YUMMIEST cake in the world. godiva chocolate cheesecake... when I was eating it my bf was like. "if only you make that kind of face/ noise when I touch you" hahaaa
tanktop UP
scarf from small boutique @ FMP
skirt self-made
belt Costa Blanca Accessories
mom's golden flat
French Connection purse

I have a question, do you think makeup is part of etiquette these days?


Vivian said...

i lovelovelove the last photo<3

featherbrain said...

wow this is soooo pretty:)

leblogdemok said...

Super jolies photos !!! j'aime tous tes looks !!! tu es trop mimi !!

Sabina said...

I love especially your scarf!

RicAdeMus said...

For some reason I wasn't showing up as a follower, so I unfollowed and refollowed. That seems to have fixed it.

You've always been thin, but you look thinner in these pictures. I would ask if you're eating, but you have pictures of it, so you must be. LOL

anna said...

Very pretty photos and outfits! ^^

MsGiggleswurth said...

That last photo is awesome!

rosanguyen said...

Absolutely amazing, you made that shirt? So nicely painted. There's something about me and trying to apply paint that it always goes terribly wrong.

michelle_ said...

that shirt is nicely painted girl !
and for the makeup q.. i dont think its a etiquette, i like to think makeup as a tool to improve your looks.. i mean some people who are blessed with flawless skin dont need any makeup and they'll still look nice..

but i just like to use makeup for my undereye circles and pimples so that i look more clean and shows that I'm taking care of myself :)

Blair said...

OMG, I drooled when I saw godiva chocolate cheesecake!!!

thingsIlove said...

OOOH, I want that godiva chocolate cheesecake too!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

is that your room emily?? wow that's sooo cute :)
and i really love the third outfit you wore
and the boots on your second outfit are gorgeous too
check out my latest post ya


Pop Champagne said...

cuuuute sm:)e shirt, I like how you paired it with yellow skirt and makes it all so bright. Not sure if make up is etiquette these days, I think if they're dressed appropirately then it should be good enough. Cuz there's that whole trend with putting on make up where it looks like you got no make up on these days too

Haute World said...

Cute pics! I love your self-made t-shirts and the food looks absolutely delicious!

Sarah said...

You look amazing in yellow! And I love your pink/purple skull scarf!

The Allure House said...

Lovely post!
I think make-up (not too harsh) compliments every outfit.