Friday, June 18, 2010

dernier jour :(

pulse lace shirt
seduction skirt
nicole marciano scarf ( is she one of the marciano brother's wife?)
Pacific Mall heels

Officially last day of High School, thinking about all the memories as I juggle my new Blackberry (daddy's graduation present for me! which I have no idea how to use), sketchbooks and textbooks from all my lockers, my burberry purse slung on my arms and goodys just purchased from Chapters, oh and the flyers stuffed in the handle of my house door.

Can't believe it's all over, at the same time I am so excited to open new doors... Four Years. four WHOLE years. funny how fast it flew by and how large a footprint these four years will have on the person I will become.

I am just so happy to have walked away with the great friends I made, and some regret that I never bothered to stay as close with many others... i keep forgetting life moves on without you, what you get is what you give. I'm making a vow to give more, give generously, give passionately.

It's Friday night and I am completely exhausted. The pageant I'm in is really taking a huge toll on me; facials, diet, endless appointments, rehearsals till midnight... O_O I think it's a fun experience though, like I got my hair totally dyed and highlighted for free:)

On another note, I feel that it's inevitable that people change, people that you think will be your soulmate, people that you think you'll be inseparable from. My friend and I had the talk about how amazing it is that people sustain marriage since Everyone change differently, you can't just "change together, the VERY same way" because we are all different! and then one day you wake up and you realize you have no idea who the man beside you is, the man you married because they are not the same person that stood beside you on the day of your wedding. A LITTLE morbid but that's just kind of how I see it.

So same goes for friendship, I realized on the last day of school that my most inseparable friendships from grade nine have faded. They went on with their life and became close with other people. I actually am really so happy for them, to have that sense of belonging, to have that clique that'll always have your back and a shoulder to lean on. I really miss that experience in high school. I've always grown so attached to one best friend or always hanging out with friends one on one. I'm not quite sure why, BUT samantha, miranda, charlotte and Carrie Bradshaw all met after university in New York City, and formed the most unbreakable friendship.{Samantha: "We made a deal ages ago. Men, babies, doesn't matter. We are soul mates."} i died from that quote.

I think all you really need in this complicated, mind blowing, heart twisting life, are girls that you can always rely on. (and go to Abu Dhabi for a getaway with). However, my mom did go into my room the other day and looked at my photos slipped around my mirror and said " Emily, your so lucky you have so many girlfriends, I never had a group like you" which kind of made realize I am quite blessed with the amazing friends I have grown close to.

OH. and IM SO HAPPY i won the Thank you project giveaway! It is such a happy blog. check out the official website here!


p.s. what have you got planned for fathers day! I am thinking of collaging/ photo frame? something along the line of combining photos of amazing memories. :) because my daddy's awesome!


Schnella said...

Cute outfit! :)

Star-Light said...

very pretty :))

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

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Holly K said...

love your outfit! so cute of your dad to give you a blackberry for your graduation present :)

ps im quite new to blogging so i'd love it if you could check out my blog :)

holly, x

* Leslie * said...

As always, you're wonderful !!


Yours To Keep said...

Amazing outfit dear! Amazing!

leblogdemok said...

you Look Wonderful !!! i love this outfit !!!!! ;-)

jungleworldcitizen said...

Beautiful, elegant and (good) different your outfit =)
Friendship and love are what keep this world from not being crazier.
It's a good remark to talk about how people change, I like that fact because this planet would be a heck of a boring one if people were always literally the same! The only bad side to it is that sometimes, people change not for the best, or they change to a point of being unrecognizable but I believe their essence remains the same.
Have a great weekend!

laetikitty said...

j'adore ton look!!!

noura. said...

i LOVE your blog.
it's too cute.
you're actually amazingly pretty.