Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arts York Graduation

So I was at Chapters the other day after getting Coffee with my friend and came across Sarah Jessica Parker in the cutest Sequins jacket that was OH-so-Similar to one that I tried on at Escada (worth $7000+). I wonder where hers is from!
of course no outfit is perfect without some juicy heels ! i absolutely adore this hot pink :)! My mom is amazing, don't know how she got the shoes and dress to match so badly! My dress is from KOPA (bought at shops on Don Mils {i actually still haven't gone there!}) and heels from nine west
one of my beautiful best friend:)love my mom's michael kors purse?

I was a little bumed I didn't get the Sincarson scholarship( and if I was honest, kinda moped a little in my chair... ) and then I got called by the Unionville Advisory Council! I got $500 scholarship for innvolvement in community! :) better than nothing for suree. All those days volunteer really was worth it ;)
half dozen beautiful red roses :)!
just a sloppp of chocolatey heaven

drinks after work (before I quit) @ moxies :)

so what do you think of my new hair! about THREE inches of my hair GONE. and two tones highlight. Compliment of Spellbound because of my participation in the pageant. BUT I sat in a "no service" phone connection zone for FOUR hours, starving and rotting away... BUT i think it's worth it :) it's such a drastic difference.ciao4now

P.S. The winner of my giveway is Carrie!! Congratulations and Thanks so much everyone for entering!


rosanguyen said...

Pity you didn't get the scholarship you wanted but congrats on getting the $500 volunteering one. Oh and that is chocolate heaven!

Silver Strands said...

Holy SHOES ... I can't believe how well the shoes match the dresses :)

Sophie said...

sooo lovely shoes!

jungleworldcitizen said...

Shoes are awesome!
Have a great weekend!

xxjetjj said...

Wauw beautifull blog!
and thanks for the nice reaction ^^

Meggstatus said...

I would feel so scared putting on anything that cost $7000, although it is a fabulous jacket!

MizzJ said...

That sequin jacket is fabulous!! I secretly love those, but always think it's a bit much for everyday.

Your new hair looks great!