Tuesday, June 29, 2010

graduation. this is it!

I went on a fabric shopping spree; found the cutest black fabric with indented poka dots! WHICH totally completes my dress (as designed in my last post :) )
im a fish. i like shiny things.
TADA final result : )
& the back.
amazing friends
supportive and loving parents
i survived !
WOO! Can NOT believe I finished 14 years of school!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

dildo, beach, tea, newline, food, movie

i couldn't think of another title. sorry.

ten rens @ night: )
wearing AE tank
Cardigan from Europe
Costablanca accessories belt
miumiu heels
Chanel purse(can't let go of it!)
self made skirt
really yummy tea;
8 treasures something something chrysanthemum tea
so my beautiful friend, S & I went to scarborough buff for a mini photoshoot
(no we're not ACTUALLY holding a dildo, it's a bubble wand!)
here's the sneak preview!
you guys are the first to see my new sketches!
I just sat at Starbucks the other day and had my little artistic creation moment, I am so excited to start making these outfits :)
everyone should try this.
swiss cheese and raw mushrooms wrapped in smoked salmon
with a side of strawberries, plum, blueberries and grapes

p.s. I watched Knight and day and it's absolutely fantastic, SO FUNNY and cute and actiony. all the right mix. And damnnn Cameron, her character is so independent and cute and strong, I so admire that coz the begining, tom cruise (who is quite yummy still might I add) was acting all manly and calm, and then she showed him she could be the man too. Love that. I think independent women are soooo sexy! anyways;

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sewing Charlotte inspired top

Does anyone recall the ending scenes in Sex and the City when Charlotte returns to her family and kisses her baby and husband? Do you remember her beautiful white ruffle blouse!

So I decided to make a similar one out of nude beige fabric with a tint of metallic :)

yes i'm done my last exam!
freedom. tastes soo good; )

What do you think?
and socks with wedges, yay or nay?

@ ten rens with my friend when my mom decided to drop by
and talk about boy problems haha!

Monday, June 21, 2010

passez un sourire

cop. copine shorts
miu miu heels
costablanca accessories head band
unknown top
swarovski bracelet

Pictures from sunday's Intro pageant show : )

#9, vote for me at wild water kingdom july 17th!
DIY tee transformed!
please don't hate because I'm reping Italy!

back to studying, last exam tmw : )

Sunday, June 20, 2010

je t'aime, papa.

daddy's girl, alway will be. brought my daddy to Fraticelli's Italian restaurant. New, opened on 16th ave. SOOOOOOOOOO NICEEE ! We ate at the bar area which was very quiet in contrast of the bustling dining area. Had gin and tonics and this amazing shrimp appetizer. the bill was 85$! all well, my dad is well worth it. and because the food was so delayed (due to crazy busyness) we got free dessert (which of course I didn't eat, stupid pageant!! haven't ate anything bad for ages )
camwhore in washroom?
Urban behaviour sailor dress
cardigan from europe
so EARLIER today, had the intro pageant show thing. Was so nervous, thank God no falling flat on my face :) alls good. They gave me this dress to keep, not sure where it's from though! and out of the six colours I got yellow! how lucky of me :P
can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from today's show :)
AE v neck
Diesel jeans (cut)
H&M sandals
Chanel purse
so i finally washed the bottle of hairspray out of my hair and pound of makeup off my face.
well, fun time over. crunch time, exam starts tuesday = study all day and night tmw!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chanel virgin no more

KOPA dress, ninewest heels, le chateau clutch

hurray! 76 on Harmony 4 exam; everyone tells me they get like 61 (one Above passing!) NOW THAT HARMONY IS OVER WITH, just got practical and history... to finally finish grade 10 piano!

had an interesting day consisting of :
-driving on the hwy in the POURING BUCKET rain/ then got drenched in it
-rehearsing at mall for the pageant show thing ( idontevenknowthenameoftheshow ) walking in drenched..
-and getting asked questions on stage one on one.
"since you want to be a designer, what would be ur target market" (except in chinese)
"ummmm... DINKs? . . . like Double income no kids? . . .. "
"umm sorry our english isn't that good... we have no idea what you just said, just practice at home your chinese and what your gonnna say okay?"(in chinese.)

how embarassingggggg. my chink language is very limited :( LOL!
-going to charity banquet of Jenny Wong cosmetic and Lion Club, met the father of a REALLY famous singer. Funny because he is good friends with my mom, and he's like "arrange marriage!", how old? 17? perfect for my son! he's 20! his band is so famous in korea. lo and behold, i asked my friend if she's heard of the band and she's like OMG yaa!!! cool, i met a famous person's dad
-got full body massage, but embarassingly fell asleep SEVERAL times
-got an ugly doll from bf!
-first time going lingerie shopping with bf, had to find a backless haltor nude bra. so hard :(
-oh and got my future told at the charity banquet and it was FREAKISHLY true, they said i'm super stubborn and can't take criticism, like to EAT !! (enjoy life), likes to talk a lot but have substance in what i say, rebellious, untameable, and hard minded (once i make a decision no one in the world can change my mind) but i do have a bottom line (i know what not to cross. i.e. i won't do drugs and go crazy) and they said I choose friends over money any day, i'm humble and won't show off wealth, i won't be stinking rich (darn) but i'll have a happy and comfortable life; it doesn't take money to make me happy (:O really?) and i MIGHT get married at 25, and apparently there will be a few guys trying to court me LOL. and apparently the worst time in my life is up till I'm 18, so MY WHOLE LIFE has been the "bad phase" and i turn 18 in a month!! it's so reassuring to hear this lol, even though I totally was against knowing your future, he said he can't say much more because my futures soo good and i will have a smooth sailing, happy life.oh and at the age of 48 i will be less disciplined again, and become rebllious, untameable and that whole phase again LOL!

-tmw is even more hectic! gotta be at hair salon by 10am to prep for the show! wish me luck and hope i don't fall flat on my face on stage!!