Thursday, May 13, 2010

Princess café

i really like holes. I burned some holes into my "i love NY" tee that my friend bought me. You can only see one big one but it's actually ALL over :P . i really like holes. here's a design i drew with my babies (new prisma markers!).
here's a café that my friends and I discovered. OH MON dieu; never saw anything so cute; there were couches and looked kinda victorian but cute-sy. oh it's so nice:) it is definitely my new chill spot. Located by Finch station!
yum chocolate fondue.
another design :)

p.s. I found this off another blog. a Bless tote from Longchamp. I thought it's so cutee. conceptualized and innovative :) it's 30% off right now so check it out!

p.p.s. my bf is currently making some mad pro meal for me. I am so excited haha! what a charm to have man that can cook ;)


Nadiye said...

you look gorgeous in the first few pictures!

Star-Light said...

I love your Bag on the first Pic <3

Fashion is a Playground said...

Great shorts!

tessatham said...

Lovin' the illustrations!!! & mmm fondue

dating diva said...

Love the designs!



E said...

I really love your sneakers and I love your designs :-)

Vivian said...

i loooove holes too! i can't get buy enough of those ripped jeans with hugeee holes in it haha.
whoo sexy drawings!! i envy people who can draw!

daisychain said...

you look gorgeous

ko0ty said...

You look great and burning holes in t-shirts is a great idea!

Love your fashion illustrations... I wish I could draw like that.

leblogdemok said...

I Love this outfit and photo !!!!! ;-)
thanks for your comment !!

kumar said...

hi may be your friend dont like action movies

any way thanks for comment

i like your t-shirt it looks amazing

pricess cafe great i like that chocolate founde

your designs are superb,
i like that stripes design

have a great weekend enjoy with boyfriend

Alan Li said...

Love the Louis with those shorts, so carefree

Victor Green said...

Hi! this is my first time i come to see this blog, it's very interesting, i like your blog and your style. the bag is one of the marc jacobs bag for louis vuitton, isn't it?? He's great!!!

see you!!!!

.GilbertGanda. said...

emily! you should visit singaporeee!
i super love the shorts and the LV gravitti :)

and also the choco fondueeee ---D: hungry hungry!


Panda said...

Awesome awesome post - :o
You have such great style!!
Oh, and thanks for the sweet coment, it really made my day!
panda xx

M. and O. said...

what a nice look, we like the bag and also the shoes

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam


Jazzsquared and Macksquared said...

your designs are amazing!

be sure to enter my giveaway with MAC, OPI and essie!

CJ said...

i luv ur designs^^
and luvin' ur look too!!!

coolboy said...

hi how are you hey thanks for lovely comment

michelle_ said...

loving your illustrations emma !
and you're outfit is cute too :)

thanks much for dropping by at my blog.. <3

Sophie said...

♥ your tee!

Hello*Pretty said...

super cute blog! check mine out? I'm doing a give-away. xo- karrie cheers!

.sabo skirt. said...

amazing shots.. we love your tee.. we will be back to check out your blog again =)

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

xx .sabo skirt.

fhen said...

really love how you juxtapose the outfit with sneakers


AlvianaKalin said...

love the shots look very beautiful :)
love the NY tee :)

thingsIlove said...

The illustrations are lovely.

Marla Singer said...

beautiful pics! love your sneakers <3

Breshna & Rona said...

love those shorts! and your drawings are fab! x

UnoCosa said...

really lovely, xx

JULIA said...

Gorgeous outfit!

Have to agree, I do love destroying clothes (;


emily viveur said...

i love the bag and how you burned holes in your shirt :) lovely drawings as well!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Awww I like your designs!! Such great drawings too! And the holes thing reminded me of my own experience with that some 8 years or so back... I got so immersed in the process of making holes in my tee that I kind of overdone it and it ended up looking not so cute LOL

A and A said...

hey beauty!
your drawings are amazing!!! so talented.
and yes, I too have a Man that loves to cook and I am indeed better for it :)

Julie said...

I love the slouchiness of your I(L)NY tshirt!

i'm following!:)