Monday, May 10, 2010


blazer: armani exchange
jeans: morgan
belt: tough
tee: HK
messenger bag: Smartset
yellow scarf: pashmina cashmere:)
my boy and I have the ritual of making pancakes saturday morning :) obviously my plate is prettier; oh and his have a HUGE slab of butter on the center and drowning in syrup loL!
Today, friend and i went downtown so that I could eat at the waffle place that I mentioned in the last post but ONCE AGAIN it was closed!!: ( how heart breaking. maybe that waffle place and I aren't meant to be... however, my friend introduced me to a pub/restaurant called "the 3 brewers"
they make their own beers! My friend ordered this caramel beer thing; YUM. and i ordered this amazing dessert ( i swear i can just live off dessert!), soo delicious and the alcohol was quite strong though.My amazing friend's 18th surprise birthday dinner! Oh how time flies; we are LEGAL AGE now O__o. what happened to bumming out on our front porch drinking lemonade and think boys had cooties!
Yellow Kitty nail polish ; new line from sally hansen. Gorgeous colours! a lot of pastelly yellows, blue and brown:)My puppy playing dead; isn't he adorable :}




third pic from the bottom is the super gorgeous you!

and hello for you puppy from kiki&yumi :D


Bijou's Style said...

love the outfit!


throwing out the carnage said...

awesome camera. what is it?

ellinelle said...

..I love your outfit , the jacket is gorge and I always love scarves in the outfit ..the pancakes looks delicious and believe me - I could live from desserts as well - I love love love all that stuff , but if I let my cravings win me I could not walk myself through the doors I guess ; )))
..awww ..your puppy is so cute : )

Ellinelle xxx

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Wow,those pancakes! Soon it's lunch time here.I wannna have a pancake like that!

You puppy is very cute!

Alan Li said...

your outfit is very cute! I love it. And your dog, he's adorable

Pia said...

such a cute dog!!! also, you have such a good smile :) love when bloggers smile!

Le blog de Letilor said...

Beautiful outfit I like the whole.
But you must to have cold feet

Le Blog de MOK said...

I Love your pics !!!! and your style !!!! ;-)
stop by mine someday if you have time !!!

HoneyBunny said...

Love the blazer! :)

fhen said...

i really love your outfit!
by the way what camera do you use?


Martwa Marta said...

hah, you're right - your pancake looks better, anyway both look delicious!
your blazer is fantastic!

Vivian said...

you look stunnin<3
aah yummie pancakes!!

Emily said...

great blazer!

kirstyb said...

great post x

WendyB said...

Adorable doggy!