Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday is the new Friday

Ever Since I started working, days of the week started toppling over each other; it's like there's really no such thing as school nights anymore (unless there's a test/ project on the next day ofc). And for some reason Wednesday seems to be the hot day to have fun. [Plus Friday for me means piano class, patterning class, hot yoga. AND THEN go out..] Well last wednesday my Colleagues all went out drinking; and this wednesday my mom decided to throw a huge party!
Me in the morning, missed period one coz I was busy chilling with a friend the night before...
wearing: Scarf from hk, button up from zara HK, tanktop from AE, high tops from Nike HK, purse from longchamp, shorts from H&M and bracelet from Swarovski

Last night after Fashion Club and Hot Yoga(my mom thinks some guy there is hot haha! and that's her only reason to start going again. oh i love her); I joined my friend at Dinner at Baton Rouge; FIRST time ever there. I love the whole atmosphere, it's really classy in the dinning room but we sat by the bar area which is a tad more casual. The majority were kind of older people. . but then it is a PRETTY expensive restaurant. The bill came to about 70 between two people. pretty baller dinner ;)

me with my strawberry daquiri:) I wanted a Baton rouge sunset martini; but the waitress warned it's pureee alcohol. I guess you know where to go to get drunk! yaa. . he wanted to copy my POSE. 8)
oh and this is the House Salad. It's delicious with a side cheese bread. the warm sauce is amazing; but I had to pick out most of it coz there's too much!So I don't know what was funnier; the fact that there's a squirrel beside my house that looks peacefully asleep (but turns out he's dead) well okay, that's not funny, I'm an animal lover but I felt SO STUPID when I was waiting for it to get up and runaway. . . OR THE fact that i VERY accidentally brought home Baton Rouge's linen LOL.

Friend and I went back to my mom's party and had the most awesome raw oyster + clams:) delicious!! and there were escargot, takoyaki, musscles, and white wine8)
morning enjoying a nice cup of blended milke smoothie:
2strawberries (plus 1 on the rim)
half an apple
activia yogurt
today I'm heading to RYERSON for the Open house!



emily! you got that eiffel print longchamp bag also!
I planning to get for my sister the dark blue one!
btw, i love your mug with your name on it and the strawberry :D

daisychain said...

love your outfit

Nathalie said...

Great pictures and great outfits :)
Have a good weekend (to start soon :) )

knk said...

wow looks yummy , great post dear
i like that drink,
and i like your outfit looks cool
nice scarf,

have great day

deekkyy said...

Mmmm..kayaknya enak tuh buah jus stroberry...hehe

Leah said...

I love the bag... I've been wanting to buy the Eiffel Longchamp.

The strawberry smoothie looks yummy. And I love oysters. xoxo