Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ryerson's Fashion show!

these are creations of Ryerson Fashion Design graduates! beautiful. . . (so hard to filter but i chose my favourites to show y'all :) )

my darling le chateau boot heels :)
self made dress
jacket from japan
there were almost 50 collections!

best for last for real.
house jam: ) oh so fun night.
starting the pleats on my prom dress!! so exciting. don't you just love the colour? coz i'm absolutely inlove with it. (and can't stop touching the soft chiffon :P)
SOO I HAD the most eventful weekend sort of. coz it's been NON STOP! and today in yoga class I learned that those who love the colour yellow is always busy, never wants to waste time and occupies themselves. SOUNDS EXACTLY like me. It's my philosophy to not waste time, I mean time is so limited, and theres SOO incredibly much to experience and take-in on Earth! anyways I slept insanely late since thursday (when I pulled an-almost-all-nighter for art project), then Friday @ karoke lounge- agogo (cute name?); but seriously i can't stand being in a room when everyone's smoking; i think i almost suffocated!, Saturday had sushi takeout with daddy and his friends for his birthday, then house jam till 5am and today I woke up at 2pm (missed church!) and went to hot yoga, then starbucks; (score! free drink and food coz my lovely friends working) and then FISH house for my friend's dad's birthday dinner. (KINDA weird coz they're all white and i'm a random azn girl lol! & HE ASKED me to go to a strip club after LOL; but umm i think it's time i go home and sleep (a) ).

okay, a little rant. FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. WES evaluation. SOOO B S!! omgosh so i literally finished everything to apply in october last year and I did the WES thing maybe 2 months ago and my friend and I are wondering why we still haven't heard about our admission. TURNS OUT the hundred something dollars we paid for the WES evaluation doesn't include mailing out the evaluation to the school. WOW ; university is seriously the biggest scam. oh mon dieu. so i gotta pay like fifty something dollars for them to E-MAIL a sheet to FIT. . . ? gah.

next issue. people... this weekend i kind of got exposed to facets of people that ... shocks me. For one, I really can't believe how FAKE a person could be. Like it's incredibly disgusting that one second they can be talking shit about you then the NEXT, texts you to go chill. . . and another girl was very cold to me when I met her a while back but as soon as she saw me with certain people this weekend, it's like her bitch switch just turned off. and i honestly believe that these people think it's totally a social norm, almost like an ETIQUETTE to go and put masks on. I mean we all do but there should most definitely be a fine line. and saying bad things about you "friend" behind their back is a MAJOR low.

But on a positive note. BEAUTIFUL weather today and i got my first pay check from work! moonaiee; ) AND I finally lost 5 pounds, however my goal was 15. . . I guess 10 more to go. . . why is it so easy for guys to lose weight but INCREDIBLY hard for girls? no fair!



Anonymous said...

:) I wish my dad ASKED me to go to a strip club :p, and yeah... guys are douchebags and what you described is like over half the guys in the world but meh some guys MIGHT be cool. Also, it WAS an amazing day today and gratz on the 5 lbs ur almost there!!!

The Owl's Closet said...

omgosh, these are beautiful! thx for sharing! what a fun event to attend! looks like u had a blast:)


emily! those dresses are awesome! really!



MizzJ said...

Wow that's kinda weird about the asking you to a strip club - you're underage and his buddy's daughter!! haha hope that was just the alcohol... Wow those fashions are amazing!! I love the dresses in the last photo.

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daisychain said...

wow, so amazing.

JINX said...

you got skills ma'

xoLauraox09 said...

AMAZING pictures! Wish I was there.

emily viveur said...

the first photo is so pretty! well all of them are :) love the last collection and can't wait to see your prom dress!

CMA said...

love these photos, looks like youre having so much fun!
you have a lovely blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing as always, darling!
and thanks for your kind comments


Regan said...

Lovely pictures!!! Great blog :D

lauren lanza osias said...

such pretty stuff. sorry someone hit the bitch switch... i guess you can never really know someone fully. on a positive note, can't wait to see your prom dress! yay!
be a follower, not a hater

Mellon Rhum said...

Those lightballs are great and the dresses from the first pic so mouthwaterng!! Love love!!
Kiss from Spain

Stace said...

gorgeous yellow fo the prom dress!

and don't worry, I'm also struggling to lose weight. although looks like you don't need to, you look great :)


michelle_ said...

seems like a great fashion show there !

MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters

Nicole Jarecz said...

very beautiful designs!

.....InStyle.... said...


Jen said...

Excellent fashion! Beautiful pics I loved them!!

Yikes about the stupid University they really do like to screw you every way possible!!! BOO!!!

I think it's harder for girls to lose weight because they know they want to look better for a man or for themselves where as men don't truly care! I guess the less you care the easier it is? Who really knows!!

Ruth loves said...

Oh my god! Those dresses :o
They would be great for prom
I agree with you about the texting thing btw haha

Have a great week!
Love, Ruth

deekkyy said...

nice picture
visit my blog

E said...

These are just oozing with inspiration! I'm dying of envy!

Sally Alexia said...

hey emily, thanks for the comment haha, omg you went to mass exodus? :( i didn't go to the show this year unfortunately... we should do something fashiony together one day since i actually don't have many friends as into fashion as me. :) great choice in chiffon btww~

Laura said...

wow I really love the shoes you show us in the first picture!!!!

Nathalie Maggiori said...

I can only guess how funny it might be seeing by live a catwalk!

Sassy Chica said...

Hello nice to meet you and your blog!!

Thanks for sharing your pics, your self made dress is darling!!

Sassy Chica

Patty Ann said...

ooooooo these pictures are amazing!! i love them all!!

AlphaBetaChic Blog

Thavasa said...

Thank you :)

Love the idea of making your own prom dress! cuz you got to make whatever style you want!! the chiffon is sooo beautiful!


misscindee said...

that fashion show looks amazing! your prom dress is lookin good so far! =)