Sunday, April 18, 2010

lipstick stain on the front of your left side brain.

AE scarf(tied the ends to make circle scarff)
Girodano Blazer
HK Dress
NEVER would I have EVER thought I would wear CROCS; but here i AM in comfy winter crocs! it was on sale for $20 and my feet were sooo sore in the green heels in the previous post that I couldn't resist buying these ugly rubber things. ( i kinda like them; reminds me of swedish clogs haha!)
BOW hair; inspired by gaga.
AE haltor dress
costablanca scarf
blazer and hoodie, one piece zip up from Roxy
Le chateau boot heels

tea bag idea: so my friend and I were at starbucks following our after Church ritual and She gave me the idea to start collecting the teabags from Starbucks (coz they're really pretty with the silk casing?) and My Idea is to hang them up (smells really good too) and put the name of the person You went to starbucks with. Hence a really meaningful environmental installation :) I will show y'all a picture when I hit 30 bag :) I think it'll be easy coz I'm a green tea addict ; ]

AND yesterday I was working and there was this couple who sat through dinner playing on their iPhones! What has our society come to! They come to this super romantic and expensive restaurant to be devoured in their electronic devices.. it makes me sad : (

Oh and my poor chihuahua got three of his teeth pulled out ={ ouch. pray for him?

and I am so excited to finially start my last dress for my school's fashion show. I will show you in the next post!! stay tuned! ;)



ellinelle said... your black boots and your crocs actually look very cool , reminds me of some fairytale cartoon 'hansel and gretel ' I think ..very cute ..well , I thought I have never ever will wear uggs but I do have a pair now : )
Lovely pictures : )))

Star-Light said...

Love the Crocs and your Hair <3

Mila said...

Wow,you look beautiful!Following! said...


Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

love your gaga inspired hair!!

tessatham said...

Cute outfit hun! Wow I haven't heard of the name Giordano in AGES. We have it back in Singapore (Where I was originally from) and I've def seen in it in HK as well.

Thavasa said...

Beautiful outfit!! love the denim jacket with gold bottons!

michelle_ said...

im really into the texture of your hair !
hope you have had a nice weekend !!

kirstyb said...

loving the pics xxx

Sher said...

So cute, I love your bow hair! I can't seem to do it on my hair:P


Nathalie said...

I am not that much of a crogs fan. But they look good on you. Especially like the colour :)

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love the jean jacket!

les m├ętamorphoses d'Alice said...

oh trop jolie!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Great style!

Jen said...

You are gorgeous!!! The clothing just showcases it more!

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

stunning lady gaga hairrrr !! you're so creative, love it !

Nadiye said...

you look stunning!

Walk The Sand said...

LOVE your Gaga inspired hair... MUST try!!

Panda said...

Gorgeous photos and post! :)
Hope your having a great holiday, and sorry for the late reply, thanks for the lovely comment!
panda x

Raquel said...

cute hairdo! I have crocs, but only for work as i am a nurse :)
ps: i like your shirt on the first picture!

E said...

I love both of your soft and comfy looks! Those boots are fabulous!