Tuesday, April 6, 2010

good bye march 2010. and 20009 AND 2008

So march is officially one of my favourite months; With Spring break, easter long weekend. AND beautiful sunshineeee = intense bonding time with amazing people!

I was curious to see What I did for the last two marches. Hurray for Agenda and semi-organized me.

So I spend my Easter afternoon loafting on my friend's patio, soaking up the sun and sipping up my apple juice ;)
this march:
first time at LG fashion week+ Batallion Ball+ got a job:) + clubbing &FakeID FINALLY+ lots of hotyoga

Last March:
I was in EUROPE last march break! Oh how I miss those lively days talking to funny italian and spanish guys. night club in Italy (but with school :\) oh and LOTS of shopping :)
and GR10 MARCH :
(i was so fucking busy that year; comparing agendas with all my other years!)
BASICALLY house jams, bday parties and dance?
UP poka dot tube top
seduction skirt
aldo elf boots
mom's cardigan
hk scarff

one of a kind mustache ;)



emily viveur said...

great post! i am definitely not that organized. i love the bright purple cardigan and your boots in the last photo :)


Sonya said...

Cute boots!


E said...

Sounds like a fun, but tightly pack schedule!

daisychain said...

I love your outfit!

Yve said...

Thanks for your really sweet comment!

Love that outfit, especially the gorgeous purple cardi! And the looks of all your March's, all the colours and everything ;)


Imo said...

lovin the calendar and the boots! last march I was stocking up on lots of mkeup since I had more mullah back then! lol :)

CL, said...

ooh sounds like a ton of fun :) what an adorable outfit, you're incredibly pretty!

Patty Ann said...

you have such an pretty calendar. so colorful, and EUROPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so fun!

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