Friday, April 2, 2010

Cheaper than Clubbing

DELICIOUS caramel apple crisp. a bite an orgasm. guaranteed
so after Spending much of my Thursday morning and afternoon in bed to force my immune system to kinda beat up the stupid virus in me. . . I was released into the streets of DT Toronto -(after a 3 and a half hour work shift of doing absolutely nothing, and then When it's time for me to leave a gazillion customers walk in -.-)

@ first we were at Pizzaville, I was very bored waiting for my friend to gobble up his slice of hawaiian.
Then we were at the doors of Frequency; HUGE CLOUD of sweat spewing out of the club. Ya.. I'm not going in there. Instead I settled for the patio at Milestone in the nice 18 degrees outside:)

Then my Elementary FRIEND walks by!! She came out of Frequency, apparently it's like 600 degrees inside. Oh NOTHING makes my day like bumping into my childhood. *heartsss*

good choice Emily, With the patio ;)
what a ballah ;) LaCoste Kicks
+spinach dip:)
Tristan & Iseut Cardigan
Parsuco[self cut] shorts
mother's flats
UB Vneck tank top
hair: french braid while damp, then untied.

plus two Gin & Tonics ( $4 Mixed Drinks Thursday!) They didn't ask for my ID once again. . . : ( but Alcohol is good for the throat right? kills germs or whatnot? That's what my daddy told me; and my mom taught me there's the least amount of calories in one. How resourceful are my parents!
so Here I am roaming the streets of DT at 1:30am. CLEARLY i need a better camera. who wants to buy me one *sweetest smile* :) jks; Oh and On my subway back home I met two latin guys with very strong accents. They were funny.

What are you doing for the long Easter Weekend!?


p.s. wish me luck! got two piano competitions today. done with one, one more to go :}


ellinelle said...

wish you luck with competition , I bet you will be wonderful : )
I'm actually doing a bit of egg decorations today - all natural ..

That dessert looks too good to be true : ))) he he
have a lovely Easter ..

.....InStyle.... said...

your blog is so fashion......nice and lovely!

Linda said...

yums! and your parents are funny! but hey, it sounds believable.

Laura Gerencser said...

Looks like great time!!:):)

Meggstatus said...

I have been craving an apple tart for some time now, and this one looks SOOOOO good. I am literally salivating.

RicAdeMus said...

Your legs look especially long in these--was it warm enough for you to wear that out with a sore throat????? {I thought I'd throw that in just in case you didn't hear it from your folks!} =)

Best of luck in the competition!!!

MizzJ said...

Omg that apple crisp looks damn delicious! Haha your parents are funny. I don't think alcohol kills germs when you drink it... but yes G&T does have minimal calories. I always go for cran & vodka so at least I get some fruit servings going on haha

xo, Alexi said...

edible orgasm?!? yes please! haha. you look like you're having so much fun- i'm jealous. for this easter weekend, i'm just doing homework and staying at school while all my friends are traveling home :-(

Sarah said...

good luck at your competitopns!! The Food looks so delish! check out my blog xoxo sarah

lauren lanza osias said...

omg, you crack me up! gin and tonic totally kills the germs!!! looks like fun.
be a follower, not a hater...


goodluck emily and thanks for ur comment


always love your pics! pretty pretty girl :)

¶ Michelle said...

good luck with the competition! great pictures, looks like you had a fab time :D love your blog so following you dear,!


bella francisca said...

aww those foods made mee .. slurp!
i've linked you too darl ;)
btw, check my new post!

xoxo, bee ♥

Dian Prad said...

the food looks so yummy, makes me hungryy awhhhh

good luck for the piano competition :)
Forever and Ever By Dian Prad

joana said...

the night sounded lovely

Anonymous said...

oh hot damn... "a bite an orgasm"... title should be "Better than Sex"

Teresa said...

Those are the craziest looking tortilla chips I've ever seen! Looks pretty yummy though with those dips. Argh. Those pics are making me hungry. ;)