Sunday, March 21, 2010

story time.

once upon a time, a girl wanted to go clubbing. Her friend asked her to VIP style and she's like alrighttt;). However she planned to head downtown with her other friend, but by the time they got dt it was 7:30. Funny thing about time (it flies!). So her friend met up with all HIS friends whom all planned to sit infront of LCBO for a poor bystander to help them buy some liquor. The girl (i'll call her E) was hungry and grabbed a nice grilled Sandwich with C. E & C also ventured into a chinese restaurant in search of a washroom. While C was gone E was left standing at the door of the semi-sketchy place with only one white guy seated and one azn guy moping the floor. Then the white guy starts asking E about the weather, than asked if she's a model (how flattering :o ) and then the azn-moping-floor-guy starts talking to her in chinese... Why is C taking so long!

Out we go, C's friends are still looking for the candidate who'll help buy... so E had to roll up her sleeves and start asking. "umm misterr, can you go inside and get me some alcohol. . . i lost my wallet"
"oh... how old are you?"
"umm... 18 .. (fk the drinking age is 19, shes a dumbass)
"oh.. close enough... sure , *looks above her should at the 7/8 guys sitting in a line* is it for your friends?"
"umm no. it's all for me" (she's also a horrible liar)
"okay, what do you want"
*she walks up to the guys for money and the guys mobbed around him for drink orders*
"i'm going to put the alcohol under then bench after and you guys pick it up"

Done Deal, now they were in search of a place to liquor up before heading to guv. off they walk into residential area (nice houses though, she spots a super cute two floor semi detached; looks straight out of an italy town with flowers ornamenting the windows and front yard). They walk and improvised finding whatever that could potentially open up beer (without saying ofc a few bottles went to waste). They ended up in between a railroad and a house, dark, trees, perfect. UNTIL the guy from the house came out and threatened to call the cops! GG.

Walked into the pathway of dark trees.. they ended up on top of a hill/forest? Mud slide much?logs around and really bad wooden stairs. One guy, obv a paranoid freak, said he saw the cops so they all DIPSET.

Now they head to union! PARTY. Follow the other 50 kids stepping out of union, everyone mellow and rockin their outfits (thanks to the AMAZING WEATHER!).

In line, all feeling the buzz (and i few feeling more than that) taking pics and laughing. All of a sudden E spots a familiar face, JOHN FENELL? (her friend back in grade 5!) than she hears " E**** M*?" AHHHHH!! Her child hood friend B ! She jumps onto him; she hasn't seen him in GOSH know how long! and now he hovers over her beyond 6 feet 4.

Getting close to the door now, but E's VIP friends are still not here! So her and C waited in the corner by the door, But because E's so mellow she talked to everyone who passed by ;) some gave her funny face, others were HILARIOUS to talk with.

Finaly E got tired of waiting; so she just got ticket at door. BAM she's in! Danced the nightt away and maybe someother things, but that's for her to know ;)

next day: E has a delicious dinner at Swiss Chalet with her friend B & V. Then headed to a house jam. House filled up to the top and music rocking the basement; that's what she's talking about. played some drinking games but there's one that particular stuckout. Question game, (where you can only answer a question with another game, first one who doesn't ask a question loses; gotta sip up!) so, to say the least, E found the game hilarious especially when sexual questions are asked that makes the other stutter and respond in an answer ( use your imaination ;)) .

*knock knock* popo walks in! What? "who here is 19?" *one guy raises their hand* " and he drank ALL THESE Bottles huh" , popo asked for the home owners parents (whom E thought were in china?:S) or else they threatened to give at $5000 TICKET. *silence* OH Sh*t

BUT, turns out one of the cops is a school's cop that a bunch of the girls knew, ofc girls know how to make a man smile and forget ;) the girls asked for pictures, flirted him up, asked for his number and showed him pictures of the many sexy people they hooked up with in montreal. Seal the deal the popo was smiling ;)

However there were 3 cops and one asked E how much she drank and who drove *E shoves her car keys under the couch & calls her bro to come drive her car and her*

E's brother shows up to save the day -or the night -or NOT AT ALL, because as soon they were close to home another popo was following them, as soon as they turned they were pulled over. He checked her brother's driver liscense which turns out to have been SUSPENDED since april for not paying a novelty fine!! So he looks at E and asks for her drivers license & asked her to drive (BUT SHE DRANKKKKK; Ironic?) So obediantly they swap places in the car and she drove home after being lectured by the popo that they weren't even suppose to be in the same car after midniht. what kinda of law is that?G2 driver cannot drive anyone after midnight? darn E broke that law too many times...

the end
home sweet home.



Glam Girl said...

U seem to have a great time! Love these pictures!

Katie Ngo said...

awww sounds like a fun but crazy night ! Glad you got home safely. <3

Faridah said...

hahahah crazy night! Great pics and story.

Star-Light said...

Great Blog!

You are really gorgeous!

Mila said...

wow,seems like a crazy night :)

Faridah said...

Hey thanks for the comment. The city is Brisbane in Australia.

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

wow u all look so hot girls! hot and chic!
really cool:)

Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!

* Leslie * said...

The last one is pretty funny!
I would like to have your wonderful hair :(

Alan Li said...

Haha looks fun, did you guys go to Circa? Oh btw, there's a Salvation Army in Markham but it's pretty crap, google map it :)

coolboy said...

funny story,

apple said...

gorgeousssss blog.

Anonymous said...

lol what an amazing story teller...

Jess said...

Haha sounds like you had quite the night :)

coolboy said...

hi thanks for lovely comment

how are you today

MissNeira said...

Such gorgeous girls!

emily viveur said...

haha i quite enjoyed this post, nothing like a good story. you look gorgeous :)


E said...

Sounds like a wild and crazy night! Looks like fun though!

Romany said...

Ahhh reminds of the nights I've spent with friends trying to get into places - back when we were all underage and looking for alcohol. Haha, good times.
Great pics, sounds like a fun night!
p.s. ooh you do hot yoga? Is that bikram yoga? What exactly is that like? Very different to normal yoga?

B a la Moda said...

What a wonderful night out!

B* a la Moda

Polliani said...

stunning AND craxy girls.. nice combo

Martwa Marta said...

hah, seems that you have a great time!! :D

mariel elisa said...

funfunfunfunfun xx

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Y'all three look great!