Wednesday, March 17, 2010

saint pat's day.

sexy car; don't know whose it is. would be super embarassing if the car owner just came out haha!

tank from OldNavy(only green thing i can find!)
blazer from giordano concept
purse from Gucci
shorts customed from long jeans
boots from aldo
bangle from f21
sunglasses from zara europefriend and I actually ate at Bombay behl. YUM Tandoori chicken, some apetizer ball and curry w/ naan! so full after so we walked around in the beautiful sunlight:) my photographer.

So I got back home from a nice long walk with my Chihuahua; his name is timbit but I call him timbo. He was huffing and puffing by the time we got back; geesh he needs more exercise haha. I got him shampoo (usually i just bring him to the dogg spa/groom) and gave him a nice shower; he's currently hyperly running around with a burbury swether(ofc not real). now I'm off to hot yoga, don't you just love march break!


how are you spending your Saint Patrick's day?!

p.s. as we were walking around this plaza, I was handing out my resume and I THINK i'm hired! but the job has a low pay... but good experience right? and it's such a pretty restaurant! I've never served before. will i break all the plates?


Nadiye said...

i wish i could wear shorts now

lovely outfit x

ANN said...

Hahaha I actually want to apply at some restaurant but I'm scared I'd probably break all the plates too :) I love your blazer and that car is hot too

Laura Gerencser said...

Happy St. Pats!!:) Cute outfit!!

E said...

I really like those shorts with the boots - I can't wait for it to be warm again when I can rock 'em!

MizzJ said...

Wow is it warm enough over there to wear shorts? Lucky!

Dylana said...

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

hahahahaha the very first pic looks HOT:D and u look gorgeous of course! nice outfit, love ur boots!

noomiedoodlesfashion said...

happy st. pats day. mine was just a normal day, we don;t celebrate it here. hehe anyway, good luck on ur job!

Linda said...

Cute outfit! I love the shorts. Please do share how u did them.

Glam Girl said...

I love your style! U look so pretty with your sweet smile! Love the blazer & boots

ellinelle said...

..wonderful pictures ..I lobe your sunglasses , they look perfect ..and that car is sexy , you are so right ..

Hannah ♥ said...

Cute outfit - I love those denim shorts. Good luck with the job sweetie :)



priincess said...

i loveee your purseee! : ) you look amazing in those shorts! makes me wish summer would come sooner! : )

Katy said...

Lovelyy photos!
Can't wait till summer is coming here so that i can also wear shorts! :)

Breshna & Rona said...

nice shorts! i love you smile !

ttt said...

yes, that's a nice car and very expensive, it's called a bentley

Mary Lee said...

love your sunnines :)