Monday, March 22, 2010


i really liked the dresses I saw on fashion television of Armani's spring collection! so fun.
black jeans: mendocino
top: zara HK
bracelet: swarovski
healed sneakers: UP
so I found this on Fashion Toast ;
Jena Theo asymmetrical cardigan

& i'm a TAD inlove with it.
i really have a soft spot for fuzzy big sweaters:)
so I recently saw this film; hilarious! i love it; if there's such thing as chick flicks for guys, this movie is definitely under that category. It's nice to know appearance isn't everything, love defies the norm:)

mm a rainy day. . first time posting since school started. It's not that I HATEEE school, it's just I feel there's so many BETTER ways to spend my time; I guess it's okay when I'm actually learning, but this morning was spent being soaked in the rain while a not-so-planned fire drill got sorted out.. lovely.

Oh let me fill you in on my first day of work! "training", was an hour and a half; spent cleaning tables (harder than it seems; place mats have to be 6 inch from the table's end. wtf!) and learning to balance trays; toughy, and fill up the glasses of water. I'm so useful I know. Didn't break anything! Only spilled soya sauce (Thank God it was my friend [a bunch of them were eating there coincidentally]) and almost fell in the kitchen (note to self: wear flat shoes), other than that it went by fast but then again it was only an hour and a half. :) can't wait to work again. But knowing me, I'm gonna get fairly bored very soon. We will see:P I love the feeling of new experience, new job, new relationships, new ... environment! :)

so I have a few questions;
what are your views on friend's with benefits?
do you think all guys try to be the alpha-male ? should they?




Glam Girl said...

I adore that collection from Armani! The movie trailer from "She's out of my league" I saw it a few weeks ago, love it, so funnny!

Lusty said...

Cool Post! Love your style! The armani dresses are great.



Clare said...

Those Armani dresses are beautiful!

tweet tweet tweet


Anonymous said...


stylestalker said...

Love that first shot on the runway! SO much colour to swoon over.

And we want to see that movie too!


♥alicia said...

I've been dying to see that movie! Glad to hear it was good!!


Adri said...

I totally love all the color/fabric choices in the Armani collection...totally gorgeous.

I also love your off the shoulder top

Romany said...

Looove that cardigan - I've got a soft spot for fuzzy sweaters too. :)
That's such a cool pic of you! Nice effect.
As far as friends with benefits goes: I think it's an easy way for people to get hurt. But if it works for them, I suppose that's all that matters? I can see myself getting into this kind of arrangement, but not for a little while.
Why do you ask?

* Leslie * said...

Hi sweety!

Hum I don't know this movie.
On friday I'll see Alice in Wonderland! It will be amazing!!

Lot of kisses <3

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

oh yeah, so many colors! so springish! love it:)

daisychain said...

fab post :)

ANN said...

Haha, I want to see that movie. And I love the dresses of Armani's collection!

MizzJ said...

Hmm I wouldn't say all guys try to be alphas. I actually don't really like alpha guys as a lot of the time they tend to be arrogant. The quieter guys will treat you nicer ;) And speaking from experience, stay as far away from friends with benefits situations as you can! Major danger haha