Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Blogging to you from my white ikea chair, with a sore throat and sipping on my congee. Alwell; no school for me :) although I just came back from a IB in class assessment and Finance test. . .

anyway, yesterday was the third day of LG fashion week! after an hour and a half (got lost) my mom and I arrived at the Fashion Show @ CNE( it was 19+ [ i got id especially for this event! not that they checked :( ] I originally was suppose to go to the Orange by Angela chen show but because we were late we missed it!

We walked about the venue because it was really nice! With lots of booths and bars on the sides. Then with my fingers crossed I asked the registration table if they can give me another ticket because i missed the show. He looked at me for a while and there was a long pause. " i'll make an exception" yay! so I ended up seeing Saniya Khan's show, very exotic with lots of draping and ornaments.

i'm wearing: UB dress, Costa Blanca scarff, BEDO belt and my new LE Chaeau boots! :)
there was a bunch of these paper dresses; really neat!
fun golden bean chairs :P
with My Mom:) and L'oreal was doing makeup and hair in the background

& nothing like ending off a day with apple pie and vanilla ice-cream:) This is TutaBeni; amazing italian restaurant. Some of my mom's friends happened to be there and I met a cool art gallery owner! And he knows a lot of designers, how awesome!


* Leslie * said...

Pretty as always!

RicAdeMus said...

That Barbie would sell out right away! I hope your throat gets better without developing into something else.

To enter the giveaway you just have to follow the blog and let me know you want to enter. I guess you've already done the 2nd part! =)

Star-Light said...

I love your pink Top!

Nice Post :)

Melmo said...

you look so pretty girl, i love this paper dress.

joana said...

cool photos *

Ruth loves said...

Looks like a really eventful day! I've always wanted to see L'OReal doing making in backgrounds and stuff haha!
Your mum is very beautiful, along with yourself!
The clothes on the catwalk look great, and the paper dress is so cool!

Have an amazing weekend

Love, Ruth said...

Your so pretty.

that girl lucy said...

sounds like a perfect day :)
oh wow that paper dress actually looks really gorgeous
loving the outfit too, your boots are cute

Imo said...

No way is that your mum?! she looks like your sister! I just came across your blog, great post! feel free to check out my blog too..muchos love xx

michelle_ said...

must 've been a great show !
i love the way you paired that pencil skirt with a more sexy top :D

hugs and kisses ..
glisters and blisters

jessica whitley said...

awesome, hope you had fun :) you look stylish!

MizzJ said...

Lucky you for getting to see the shows and however did you get backstage?? So cool.

ellinelle said...

..looks like you had a fun day ..I love the white dress in the picture , so beautiful and ekstravagant ..Love how you wear your scarf , such a good accessorize ..
the Barbie dolls are cute , my fav is with pink skirt : )))

have a lovely day ..



pretty girl with gorgeous young mommaa!
she rocks and you too :D

and that paper dress! awesome :D

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Looks like a great event, thanks for sharng :)

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

really interesting and nice pictures!
oh and give me your boots pleeeeease:D or im gonna steal it!!!!!:D:D love it!

Panda said...

Woaah. Lovely outfit,
and looks like you had a great day!
p.s your blog is rad,
panda x

Alan Li said...

I am totally jealous! I would have went, but I'm not old enough.... fuck that shit :P