Saturday, March 13, 2010

i like curry.

had the biggest craving for curry! This was after my sewing test @ Georgebrown, my daddy and i found a cute thai&asian cuisine; (sorry i forget the name!) but there's really cute chandeleres (<-is that how you spell it?) on the ceiling and pretty wallpapered walls;)wearing:
socks: thick ones!
boots: Aldo
purse: Gucci
blazer: Giordano concepts
necklace: UP; (it was originally a lot longer but i just undid the chain for it to be shorter) I finally did my nails! I have to keep doing it myself because A PIANIST must always have short nails.(not that I mind; when my nails grow out it bugs me! and the noise of tapping nails give me the shiver!)

My goal for march break is to finally flip my room upside and clean it and TRY to keep it clean, but sometimes it seems pointless and will always be a vicious circle of cleaning, getting messy, cleaning, getting messy...

Okay a question for you:
how clean is your room? and do you think it affects your overall attitude, mood, performance or like comfort.
ok that was two questions !

p.s. OH! and next post I will do some tutorial DIY since it has been requested, I'm so excited for it! It be cool if I knew how to do a vlog; anyone know how to upload videos onto a blog post?


the girl in grey said...

Close though. I love your nails.

Anonymous said...

Haha well... my room is usually clean because my dog sleeps with me and if it is not she will eat everything while I am sleeping, creating a bigger mess for me in the morning. But as a naturally messy person it is very hard for me to keep it clean so when I am busy with like a million other things in my life (school, sports, school) i don't clean it and my dog has to sleep in its crate... and i sleep in my moms room cuz my room is so messy u cant even see my bed (that's where my guitar goes).

Martwa Marta said...

i don't clean my room. i'm the untidiest person on the whole world. i feel uncomfortable when i'm visiting my friends whose attitude to tidyng up is opposite. on the other hand, i admire those who are so well - orginised. beside, you look lovely! i adore the look and the nail colour is cute as well. i used to play piano but i abandoned it as i realized that this is not my cup of tea. how long have you been playing piano?! whould you like to be a musician in the future?

laura ♥ said...

the blazer and the necklace look real cute together! lovely :) x

Hannah ♥ said...

you look so pretty, and I love your outfit



MyStrawberryCocktail said...

ohh i actually dont like curry hehe anyway u look fantastic;) xoxo

RicAdeMus said...

I'm not a huge curry fan, but your food looks great...and so does you outfit.

I'm allergic to dust, so I'm definitely affected by the lack of cleaning. Also, I like things to be where they belong (so I can find them), but I'm not a neat freak. My bedroom is proof of that. =)

Caleb Poling said...

Food looks good, and I like your outfit!

Anonymous said...

how was the sewing test? Like what did you need to do?