Monday, March 15, 2010

pastel palette

skirt: self-made (painted on print in acrylic paint)
belt: tough
boots: la vienni collectiion from Spring
hope you like the skirt I made; I was inspired by a skirt on polyvore; it's suppose to be more baggy on the sides.. but i tried haha.

It is absolutely beautiful today in toronto! As I walked out, the sun is just kissing me all over :) Perfect way to start off a day. I've been in such a good mood lately! Chilling with friends and relaxing. Honestly life would be a much better with more holidays.

I was at the mall today and spotted really cute bright yellow Hunters boot; GO or NO? $150. I mean we areeee heading into spring. . . but then again I'm so broke these days. why won't anyone hire me!


p.s. have you guys heard of the homeless man in china whose becoming a big fashion icon? He is known as the "beggar prince", this shows how limitless fashion can be; inspiring?


* Leslie * said...

I like you skirt and boots, really nice !!
And you're dog is so cute, is it a he or a she? And His/her name?

Lot of kisses!!

The Owl's Closet said...

i love what u did with ur skirt! u have such great DIYs:)

Le blog de Letilor said...

cute, very good combination sweat, skirt and boots. I realy love your boots ! The skirt is perfect also great DIY.

Mara said...

your boots, i wannntt!

want a free bamboo satchel? ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! :D

Viva La Fashion said...

i love your top! so cute. :)

MizzJ said...

Haha I have heard of that homeless guy! Pretty crazy how he's so famous now eh? I wonder if he even knows it!

Cute outfit, especially your boots!

eyeswideopen said...

love the skirt, so neat that you made that! ;)

ZEUS said...

I love your sweater!

Martwa Marta said...

gorgeous photoshooting! you look so lovely! and i adore the skirt vey much - you're so talented!

ellinelle said...

..I love creativity and your skirt is beautiful and so original , all outfit looks perfect ..
well , I love Hunters , I'm going to get ones as well for me ..
have a wonderful day ..