Tuesday, February 16, 2010

fashion show month?.

so there's so much random little things and I get torn from trying to be selective so here goes a random post:) enjoy. Eden is Earl Haig Secondary School's 25th Annual Fashion Design Awards 2010.
There are some awsome pictures here . It was an amazing fashion show/ dance. I was actually so amazed that two girls from Earl Haig put the whole thing together! Everything ran smoothly and each designer made a collection of about six dresses. I love how dance was incorporated so the model didn't just run down the runway and I was also so surprised at how professional the clothings were made! Who taught them? I want to learn! Anyway, Good job! there were guest judges including a sutherland model, a contestant of Project Runway and You think You Can dance. woo!

I went to this show last night! Okay, U of T looks SO nice. . . I was only in one building and it was already huge with reading rooms and Squash court and endless rooms. maybe I should ditch my dreams to be a fashion designer and just live at U of nT and feel all prestigious and knowledgable and be part of important history... the show was interesting; at first, the designers were Not that good. . . to say the least and I was a bit dissapointed; in terms of models as well BUT after intermission there were more outstanding designers. The last desiner, Som Kong, was incredibly amazing, and he was the youngest designer(still in highschool; he's gonna be my competition)! His collection started with someone dancing and ended with an extravagant very Lady Gaga-Like dress with spikes on her back and jewels decorating her face. If only I wasn't a dumbass and totally forgot to bring my camera! I'm sure I'll find some pics later on:)
ring:1) "fat star" opens up with powder perfume in it :)
2) friends ring from spain:)
this was a pic from dimsum; the chinese dragon came to our table and poured teal; such a chinese culture but it was fun; I think my grandma had the most fun! Oh and apparently it's good luck to pet his head; so I did. :) happy chinese new years! Can't wait to open all my lucky red pockets; There's a tradition that it's suppose to be opened like a certain date but I realized all my friends all opened it already; So Time for me to bring in the moonlay;)

p.s. is it me or is there a lot of fashion shows this month? One more on the 27th; amour:) can't wait! This time I'll bring my camera.


♥TeE♥ said...

You and Bf look very cute together..love the outfit picture as well..=)

Coco said...

Love your rings!