Monday, February 8, 2010


My grandpa happens to be friends with the editor of the North America Weekly Times Chinese Newspaper; a tantalizing taste of success. sortof haha. 20,000 copies published;)anyway, Hey ladies and gentlemen:)!

Just hung up with the Ryerson Admission Department, oh I'm so nervous! I really need to hear if I'm accepted or not, but they're still processing everyone's portfolio.. So nerve racking.

I hope you're all having a lovely Monday; I personally love mondays.. because it means I have 4 days till piano class and hours of harmony homework. I love piano but it's SO MUCH work and dedication at grade10!

My weekend was pretty eventful; started with hanging with my girls and watched DEAR JOHN. UM. I REALLY don't know if I think it's good haha. I think it is very similar to how I pictured it to be when I read the book and I do love Amanda Seyfried but.. Her and Channing KIND of made the movie a little amateur.. I don't know if it's a lack of chemestry or bad acting. but overall it is very sad; however the movie altered the ending so it was a happy ending:) I would say the other Nicolas Spark movies (walk to remember/ notebook) was obviously better but it's still a very cute romance story nonetheless.

My saturday consists of visiting Fred Varley Gallery( it's so small! very modern stuff but I'm more a contemporary person when it comes to art :) ). Met up with a friend at Starbucks and explored Main street Unionville, found a super cute chocolate factory store!
doesn't it look just MOUTH watering; we got a slice of rum and raison fudge( SO SWEET!)
Went Downtown with my daddy. Queen street west?
The "GUILTY PLEASURES" event was held at The Drake Hotel organized by the Fashion Incubators I believe, there were many booths selling a lot of handmade goods and also silent auction. Ranging from dresses, handmade leather purses to lingerie and kids wear and jewellery. Nothing particular caught my eyes unfortunately;

across the street was this very cute bubble thingy and BESIDE it was a huge art store! I got some stellar fabric paints and textured/glass bead gesso; so excited to do some painting. I just noticed how asian and squinty my eyes are in the picture below lol!jacket: Jean Machine
jeans: Mendochino
boots: Aldo
polo: AE
mittens: no not aritzia; from friend for secret santa haha.
a nice dessert at moxie with my girlie. Dessert trio! and of course moxies have the cutest washrooms

then I ended off the day with a lovely manicure at ANGEL NAILS. my friend's reaction was ew. He thinks it's too plastic and my brother's was like Ugh..+o( LOl they can't handle my barbie nails! but I love them:) they have a hint of metalic too; but they chipped already>: (
don't you love the yellow weaved bracelet with a button; thanks ev!


Jessica Mai : said...

Congrats on that photo spread! Your grandpa gots connections=)

Best of luck with Ryerson!

& oh no, I had high hopes for Dear man!

Jess Mai

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Yay...congrats on the spread!

I love piano as well and am sad that I gave it up years ago! I only play easy songs now for Youtube : ) What exactly is grade 10? That sounds "advanced" ... I bet you are awesome at it!

glitteryeyesxx said...

Whoa, you look so cute! I don't know how to read Chinese, what does it say? Lol, I'm watching "Hi, My Sweetheart" right now. Have you ever seen it? Chinese seems so tough to learn, so I have to read the sub-titles! :p

Viva La Fashion said...

that has got to be super nerve racking!! ugh. :)

MizzJ said...

Wow congrats on being published! Pretty cool :)

RicAdeMus said...

That's great news about being published! Congrats. And it's nice you spent time with your dad. =)

Pia said...

congrats on being published! that's so exciting :)

also loving your jacket! i'm such a fan of that print!

Soap Box said...

cool photos!! love them all!

Evelyn Mak said...

YES <3

heart charlie said...

Adorable photos!!! Congrats on being published and good luck with your admissions!

Evelyn Mak said...

And that is raaad you are in a Chinese newsspread haha :)

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

That is amazing, being published is a milestone! Great photos too.

Bug said...

Congrats - that is so exciting. You look very cute in these pics. I love that candy store, looks delicious.

laura ♥ said...

lovvvve your coat, it's so cute!
good luck for ryerson! i'm sure you'll get in! i still can't believe they turned sam the record man into a ryerson reading room (or study hall or whatever it is :))

Classically Cool (Nunu) said...

yes, your weekend did seems quite eventful! and about "Dear John," -- i haven't seen it yet but just from your perspective of Channing's acting, I'm not too fond of his acting at all! If the romance lacked chemistry, it definitely is because of Channing and not Amanda (whom I adore) bc she's just wonderful! hehe... but love your outfits! and that little pastry/sweet shop you visited looks just soo mouth watering from here. =)

michelle_ said...

you grandpa rocks !
i wish i could be featured like you did !
can u read all of those chinese ?
cus i cant even though I'm half chinese..hahaha