Monday, February 1, 2010

cigarettes and beer

last night was one of my super good friend's 18th birthday at LUXY; and well too bad birthday girl alwayss gets drunk out of her mind. We were in a karoke room and everyone smoking and now my hair reeks of cigarettes; how do i get rid of it!! (shampoo doesn't do the trick). I didn't drink much coz i had to drive (I'm so responsible ;) ) but ended up going to timmies for some green tea and talk with a friend I haven't seen in forever before driving home:)

oh and here goes my little rampage of illustration.
i'm going to start making the blue dress:)! so excited.

here's another new month:) hello february.

-phone dying at the MOST CRUCIAL moments
-stupid drama
-stench of cigarette in my hair(Lol)
-fat(DIE DIE!!)
-nails chipping
-falling asleep with the tv on and then waking up everyhour but too cozy in bed to bother turning off the tv
-when i can't get rid of my eyelash glue
-coming out of the shower and FREEZE

-sleeping and waking up early
-sushi (duh)
-reading novels with SAT words LOL
-scented candles
-bright bold nails
-sunshine (only when its not blinding me while driving or burning my face so that i wake up)
-art museums
-green tea and apples
-the invention of sewing machine
-queen st.
-being indoors during a snowstorm w/hotcoco
-good conversations



kechiko said...

Love the bottom L drawing - HOT! I would love to wear that entire outfit!

Mary Jane said...

oooooh my gooood! your paintings are beutifulll!!
i love drawing too but im not nearly as good as you with colors! fantastic work!
oh i hate fat too!!!(die die!!!) hehhe and love being indoors during a snowstorm with hot cocoa!!! awww that hasnt happened in such a long time :P

laura ♥ said...

1- wowww i love that purple design. it's amazing!
2- timmies, yay :D
3- i hate when my hair smells of cigarettes too. ew. but shampoo usually does the job for me! :)

Kym said...

ooo! i can't wait to see the final product! i'm sure you're going to rock that blue dress! <3

glitteryeyesxx said...

Ugh! I hate when I can't get the stench of ciggies out of my hair, too! Sometimes when I just go into a restaurant or lounge (not even for that long of a period!), and when I leave...I catch a whiff of my hair and wanna puke.

I end up shampooing twice! And then what I do is I'll take my favorite perfume and spray it gently into my hair brush...and then I'll just brush it out that way while I'm blow-drying. I hope that helps? It certainly does for me! =)

B a la Moda said...

Oh, you ahd some fun! I enjoy those plans with friends! Smoke smell is hard to fight. I hate it! Nice drawings.

B* a la Moda

Jennifer said...

Your illustrations are too cute! Love 'em