Thursday, February 4, 2010

Be Real

nike high tops
Pumkin skinnies
hollister vest
HK tough Tank
so what define being authenticity, "real"? I mean we all have our own opinions and view on every little thing we take in, from people to their choice to preferences. Some people are very strongly opinionated and are blunt and even sometimes harsh and lack sensitivity but so true and brutally honest and others try very carefully to word their opinions so to not offend anyone AND THEN there's some who just ignore their own brain and just say whatever they think they should say, or what they think whoever they're talking to wants to hear. It's so frustrating to talk to someone but not really hear their voice. I refuse to believe people don't have an opinion but that they just don't bother to express it because it might contradict with another. When does compromise and too much sensitivity or a sense to want to please everyone turn into fakeness?



Uniqua said...

I love these pictures !:)

ANN said...

I agree with what you wrote. & I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

i love you! (: & cute vest! LOL

Nahna said...

great nike's!

fhen said...

i love the last senttence. yep agree with you!
love the pictures too

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos! The colors are amazing and you look so pretty. :)

I agree with you. It seems there are a lot of plastic people in this world who are nothing but sheep. They just say what they think society wants them to say. It's sad. I really admire the blunt, sometimes crude, people who speak their mind and don't care about what other people think. They're real.

fadetoblack said...


Velire said...

i love your photos! :) sexy, pretty lady you are. :)

i totally agree, i mean i believe everyone has their own opinion, its just some tend to compromise that its so fake. I hate fakeness. People just have to let it all out, its not about wanting to please others but just being yourself. :)

Mary Jane said...

those pics are adorable!!! you are such a cutie!!! you should make the second to last pic your profile picture!! its gorgeous!!!
sometimes im one of those people that agrees with what the other sais but thats just when i really dont care what their opinionis :P
what caused you to comment about being real? is someone you know being fake to you? cause if they are just tell em off girl!! :P

emily kendall said...

whatever filter you put on your last picture, it's gorgeous. <3

The F Word Online said...

cute photos girl, those purple jeans are wild ! veryyy urban, i like.

ps. i would love for you to enter my giveaway :)

xx lue

ellinelle said...

..beautiful pictures it ..