Sunday, February 28, 2010

webcam. whore?

i am most definitely one of those people that can NEVER stick to one thing. can't stick to one profile pic, one type of hair, one boy (but i'm stil young lol!), one type of ice-cream... you get what I mean (although I HAVE been very loyal to my big purple scarf;)
anyways; It's not like I have commitment issues (and that's what I always tease my friend about!) because if I find something i absolutely LOVE. then I will stick to it, like a tv channel/ radio; but there's an undeniable rush that comes with a new, fresh, unfamiliar THING. like even a new shampoo brand! I am so lame. haha. well i'm off to bed


p.s. such a long week ahead!T^T. IB debate, finance test, IB sumative phase1, harmony, doctors ap., appointments, starting dresses for fashion show... yoga class somewhere between ofc

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Driving without shoes

sutton place hotel DT: 33rd floor AMOUR

salt ruins my shoes:(
plaid dress: SPOOF
shoes: ALDO
crop sweater: UB

I just finished "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" yesterday; the ending was soo good; everyone seems to be intimidated by the thickness of Larson's novel but it was actually pretty easy to get through; I loved how intellectual it was and it really made you think about our world/economic scams/ sly characters/and- oh and a mystery of a missing girl from 40 years ago that everyone assumed was murdered.. this isn't a typical book I would read but I find that every book I learn something different and even though the typical "nicolas spark "lovey dovey books are always fun; realistic and intricate stories(that might appear super boring) really help you attain much knowledge and practicality for the future. or maybe it's just me haha. On to new book " Life in the Fat lane"; I finished it within a day! It was a page turner about how this home coming queen, all-american girl became over two hundred pounds all of a sudden! and the less she eats; more she exercise the more she gains; how horrible. I love that book though; it taught her how shallow she was when she always thought herself to be nice; lol fun read.

I . am. absolutely.
*slopped over my bedd unable to move a muscle; except for my fingers that is that is typing very sluggishly..*

SO. this is the first time I've been home since Friday morning. went to piano class; headed to finch; subwayed to Wellsley (they gave me student tickets for once! (usually they don't let me coz i'm a york region student not toronto... how racist. or .. place-ist; walked to the fashion show Amour (as seen above :)) and my friend was LATE so i sat very lonelyly @ the sports bar/restaurant at the Sutton Place Hotel and ate the delicious Applewoode something something Smoked salmon . Which was 15 bucks... The show was very fun; met some photographers and there was a OPEN BAR AFTER :O Nina Duongs dresses were to drool for! (as most of my pictures were her designs) I love the whole ornamented BIG poofy dress. especially the white mermaid one!

ended up at my friends house and we were SUPPOSE to get bbt but ended up watching Matrix. coz I never watched it ; yes i've never watched it. and about one third way into the movie I fell asleep; LOL SO CONFUSING MAN, and SO cheesy Laugh out loud . and its a LONG movie; so I got home (dad's place) past 1am:( Woke up and pianoed, yumcha with daddy than rushed dt in the friken snow storm to meet up with my patterning teacher; TOOK ME TWO HOURS + walking the wrong directions twice + boots SOAKED aka feet FREEZING and than another TWO hours shopping for fabric, zipper, everything needed to finally start making prom dress.

Rushed back uptown and taught art with a pounding headache.
oh ya and my feet were frozen; so i blasted the heat and drove without my coldass shoes. YAY for car heat defrosting my feet. not so yay for the cars around me (coz its umm lets say difficult to manoeuvre a car without shoes..)


hope I feel better by 7pm; friends bday gotta go to!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I like to say hi to strangers

hope you like this top I made last night; my friend has been bugging me to make her something and guess what, it's her birthday sat! So I made her the top below that I modeled. It is actually stretchy denim which used to be my skirt back when i was um six?!

shorts: remake from jeans
Heels: pmall!

DIY; scrunch up a piece of fabric and sew it to a black hair tie;)


Monday, February 22, 2010

installation art.. and some

So in my art class; we had to do a transformation art piece; my three paintings that I created on canvas in the form of a dress(first three dresses from the left) was translated as a part of my "closet" composed of clothes/ dresses that I've created; I also built the clothing rack in woodworkshop(Verry WOBBLY but it held;) ). This was very much inspired by tracey emin's "MY BED" piece displayed in 1999 @ a NY Gallery. Her art included her bed, garbage can with used condom and crap to represent her depression- a total montage snapshot; mine is on a brighter more optimistic level; this represents my stage of life and how I'm striving to be a designer, and balancing out my life with art, friends&family(in the pictures) and music(piano sheets). When I presented this; I played "superwoman" by Alicia Key(she is so talented) representing strength and feminism! (Tracey Emin was also creates feminism art.)

I forgot to light the candle!

my process work
as promised; I uploaded my frilled lizard sketches that I talked about in the previous post; I accented it and the sketches like pop out! cool eh?
sweater: Jacob
scarf: HK
hair: curled with a straightener,
tossed with fructis leave in conditioner for curls :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

frill lizard.

well i Guess i'm not really much of a lizard as I am a lion... (this is my hair when I step out of the shower & I already tried to tame it with countless Fructis products & then it kinda grows.. bigger)

i stole my brother's tee once again; so soft! skirt from Zara, socks from Eddie Bower, sunglasses from Zara Europe. I actually ended up going out with a blazer from H&M as well (men size) but i tailored the back. so yes we went to the ROM for an arts field trip to draw animals; while most the girls chose furry cute animals; THIS VERY dynamic lizard caught my eyes:) I will upload my sketches soon !

I just came home from hotel party; not bad; except it was a sausage fest! still fun but left early though; gotta wake up early . I had a super relaxing day :) so I spent the morning reading "girl with the dragon tattoo" SO INTRIGUING- about a murder case 40 years ago. Then I went running for a little big; so COLD. I thought I could handle it but my lungs wouldn't cooperate with me and kinda froze... I did the p90x ab ripperx(it works!!thanks max if your reading!); gotta loose that layer of fat that kinda grew over the winter break. and then took a nice shower, did my nails; taught art; went to friend's friend's house for girl's night out; made taco! yum.

watched "valentines Day" SO adorable; such an entertaining flick :) and then my lovely brother picked friends and i up; other friend picked us up somewhere closer uptown; and head down for a scarborough jam. LOl what a day. tomorrow I gotta flip my nerd card and do some serious work:) oh how i love saturdays.


p.s. must check out your local baskin robins! they have the cutest olympics thing; for only 2 bucks; soft serve and a scoop of ice cream; definitely filled my cravings ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stare into these big asian eyes.

okay my eyes aren't that big... but why are we always know for small eyes! My friend and I were in art class and it was a boring history lesson and so I was doodling on my agenda and my friend was looking down at it and my teacher was like " Some people are falling asleeep, " friend looks up " yes you". and her eyes weren't even closed! haha that made me laugh...

so clearly I am horrible at Photoshoping... took me like half an hour to figure out how to change the background !

So Finally comes the photoshoot (and friday!) done by my friend Zoe; All the clothes and make-up are hers.

what exciting plans do you guys have for the weekend! I am looking forward to a girlsnightout, a birthday jam and hot yoga class(if i can find my yoga mat.. where did it go!): ) My last few weekends were kinda boring so lets hope this makes up for it! Oh and I'm so excited to watch Valentines Day!! and ShutterIsland!! Any review on it?

On the other hand; I've been watching Canada's Next Top Model and Jersey Shore(oh I haven't watched TV in Gosh knows when) and I am addicted; (even though I know Jersey Shore is like a big load of controversial media entertainment). I also need to seriously start working on dresses for the Fashion show at my school! I need to buy LOTS of feathers; can't wait to get started!
Have an amazing Friday nigh y'all!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

comfort bubble

who is this?
my friend zoe is SUCH an amazing photography; i can't believe that's me ! she's finally giving me all the shots tmw on a CD:)

jeans: H&M
peektoeheels: Shoescompany
purse: LouisVuitton
scarf: H&M

So I noticed something really funny! My friend and I were chilling and I was at his place/ Destiny/ car and the whole time I felt So uncomfortable and kinda annoyed. . . but then as soon as I got home into my room and just chilled and talked with my friend, I was so much more comfortable and mellow. My speculation is when I'm somewhere familiar, I feel a lot less vulnerable; usually I'm good at handling new environment, new people... but I don't know why I was all weirded out today! People always say "step out of your comfort zone/bubble" but maybe we create our comfort bubble for a reason. Has that ever happen to you?