Thursday, January 7, 2010

WINTER makes me FAT

the title says it all. I was talking about this with my friend and she replied with "well it's IN OUR nature to eat all the fatty food we can to stay warm for winter, I'm not gonna fight Mother Nature" so ever nonchalantly. ahh! By March I'm gonna be GIGANTIC! so I decided to go grocery shopping got a bunch of veggie and fruits. BRING IT ON WINTER. I have my magic bullet. so you know. I'm Bullet proof haha. I just made my first legit fruit/vegetable drink of 2010!
Blueberry+cucumber+lime juice+avacado (maybe I shouldnt have added that...) not bad!
I'm contemplating whether or not to put celery in it.. since I know it's really healthy but in a drink..

hair: fishtail braid
necklace: Swarovski USB necklace
cardigan: Giordano
dress: no-lita NYC
leggings: AE
socks: Roots
Boot heels: GUESS
lipstick: elizabeth arden
huge french presentation and then i'm FREE! FREE ! LIBRE! bien, jusqu'aux examens.


Dylana said...

Cute leggings!


Irene C. said...

Goodmorning from Italy!!
I completely agree with you!! I put on weight in this week.. and also a lot!!My thighs are huge!! :(:(:(
Today i'm going on a diet!
i'm following u, i love your blog and i love your style!


Sofie Marie said...

Hey thank you for the comment on my blog! Yours is very cute,I like your braid in these pictures!Lovelove

Elaine said...

Great dress! And I love the boots!

LesMod'Amour said...

Come on, you can't say you're fat !!
Love the boots XOXO