Saturday, January 16, 2010

this little light of mine; come let it shine.

still in making^
delicious morning shake: strawberry yogurt+cucumber+half banana ( i know it looks kinda disgusting coz i drank most of it LOl")

cucumber+half avacado+honey

so my mom sent me some pictures from the photoshoot;^^

it is saturday morning and I don't have piano class for once. There is so many things I want to rant about; well not rant but. "point out". I feel like that's one of the advantage of blogging; being able to splurge out the dust itching on my brain lol.

So I've been really good lately and not going out much; but It also has to do with the fact I don't want to go out because I'm realizing I chill with lots of guys; and so many of them, well to put it blankly are horrible for my health. I'm not saying all coz some of my guy friends are so amazing and have been there for me, like really been there and lent a shoulder for me to cry on. But so many of them... they come and go and once they know theres no chance of "getting any" they go away. Oh and there's these guys who ask me out, all sweet talking and everything, and then they FLOP. like. what the hell; and then they disappear; no " i'm sorry i didn't make it" what kind of guys are these! and others that are so selfish or stupid. Who have enough audacity to say " oh you love this don't deny it" umm.. no you cock head. anyways. i swear off high school boys; like "clueless" i was watching yesterday. haha quote from the movie:"highschool boy they're like dogs you have to train and bath them their just like these nervous creatures who jump and slobber over you " haha not that it's true about all of them, there are exceptions, but the majority is. and then there are decent high school guys, you know those eye-candy but don't know they're very cute, who is self conscious and act like a GIRL. ugh. what's worse than a player is a guy who can't man up. but wait, i know guys much older than me, and they are odd balls too. even the cutest ones. makes me go wow... *shakes head*

Like I am one of the most open minded people; and I always want to meet new people, learn about new things, be exposed to different thoughts and lifestyles. i will never judge anything or anyone untill i have tried it or met them; but you know how they say everyone you talk to adds a part to who you are. And there are sooo many people i don't like in the world who are selfish, stupid, and fake and i know the more i'm expose to their negative manners the more i'll be impacted so i'm so picky as to who i chill with. sometimes i think i'm just much more satisfied reading a book alone or watching some lame movie on tv with a friend as to going out to parties. . i don't know why I'm being such a loner but it seems like no one understands me and i'm tired of being judged by people who don't even KNOW me! Like I'm not stuck up! i swear. if you want to know me, i will be honest and I'll let you in, i'm not the type with the wall buriers.

I don't think anyone is better or less than me but so many people have amazing potentials hidden away that they should take advantage of! but i digress, i just stand strong to "the little light of mine" can only shine, basing on the friends and family i have. So if your my friend or family, thanks for making me how I am today :) and as to you stupid boys. buh bye.



TheFashionAve said...

I can understand what you mean, it's the same with me.
There are so many false ppl. I always thought that they were my friends, but when I needed their help they didn't care about me.

I just had them for hanging out (they always drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and weed).
But I don't need friends for having any friends, I'd prefer being an outsider.

If there's no way out, then I'd spend my time with studying, reading books or blogging.
Here I can hold my opinion, thoughts, problems down. :P

And unforntunetaly there are always ppl who judge you, you can't hide from them.
Life'd be boring right. :P

And btw, thanks for ur lovely comment.
I'm following you blog now, if you like my blog (you said you love it) you can also follow mine :D


MizzJ said...

Unfortunately, men take longer than high school to grow up, so be patient. It's cool that you are already realizing that it's better to have quality, than quantity when it comes to friendships. I am only just learning that lesson!

Oooh will we get to see any of the photos from the shoot?

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

great illustrations!

Velire said...

I totally agree with what you wrote. There are just some guys who just well are a pain plus we all know for a fact that they mature slower than us females. I just went through something and well I cant say I dont regret it but Im definitely learning from the experience especially when boys or friends are in the situation.

It's fine, you're a beautiful lady and im sure you've got a beautiful soul to match it up. life's way too beautiful to waste on drama. :) hahaha..

Lovin' your blog so I added you on my blogroll. :D


Simon said...

The anti male sentiments make me cry ):

But since i'm probably going to be ambushed for thinking otherwise, I'll just go along :]

First of all, yes, I am a man, I like/love women, women have extremely awesomely epic powers over men (which some men try to control), and that makes me vulnerable D:

It's true that men have the tendency to be degraded to live under this kind of consensus amongst women, "They mature slower than us." (having read some But that's just a bit too simple of an analysis. The truth is that men and women have different mindsets, they tend to think and react differently. Both genders have the ability to affect the other in a positive way, or in a negative way. I've met many girls/women who have felt devastated by the actions of certain boys/men, usually their boyfriend. And I feel terrible for them, I do my best to console them, and I never try to worsen the damage, although I have sometimes but I accept my mistakes. Women generally seem to find it more comfortable than men to vent their feelings to a close friend, as well as admitting that they cry over their issues as well. Not as many men do this, but they do still hurt when the time comes, they have different ways of dealing with it, which I won't get to because all men are obviously the same right? lol. (I've been told by one of my female friends once to let it all out when I feel down and I told her off. Lol I feel bad)

There is probably a ton more examples and discussion topics I can throw out there, but I don't like to leave too much at once :] I didn't come in here to bash women but I do kinda want to level the playing field a bit >:) I mean, the whole gender thing is a great topic to debate upon anyway, haha.

Ciao for now. (don't bash me too hard) ):