Saturday, January 16, 2010

temps de théâtre.

tank: Guess

shorts: pmall
purse: longchamp

I just wan't to talk about movie since i've seen a lot lately.

Youth in Revolt : hilarious. must see and cute except a little irrational which is part of the quirkyness i guess haha.

Clueless: such a classic, kind of like legally blonde in the 1990s high school.

Mickey Blue Eye: hugh grant. kinda corny, deals with mafia and them doing stupid things & love story.

Day Breakers: SO GORY. SCARY. LOVE IT. it's a pretty interesting concept. kinda like The Legend and with the concept of man in one society trying to be in another like avatar but when it's a society of functional working vampires.. it's pretty interesting.

Bridget Jones: kinda like Ugly Truth; reporter and love story. oh and hugh grant again .

Stepfather: bleh. um super typical thriller movie. Dan Humphrey :) meh movie.

the above pictures were taken back when i was 16! can you see my youth ;) haha, i can't wait to watch Dear John, Valentines Day and Up In The Air.

the next 8 hours of my night will be devoted to art. i'm the worst procrastinator !

p.s. YES the photoshoot will be uploaded as soon as i get them! & thanks everyone for commenting so seriously to my previous post means a lot!


B a la Moda said...

WOW! You have seen a lot of movies lately. Since I had my little one, I have no time. Nice look with the shorts-

B* a la Moda

betz said...

your photos are so dramatic. i love it!


Sarah (Buzz) said...

I love the jean shorts with the white button down your blog..I'm following :)

Jess said...

bridget jones is my go-to chick flick! the british know how to make a comedy hhaha

Pia said...

i really want to see youth in revolt! glad it was funny :)

Jinsoul said...

you really pretty! :)