Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my head is not for studying; it's for better things.

so this picture basically sums up my last two days; I was kidnapped on Sunday night by my friend to study till 3 am. Woke up and studied till 7pm; and then got home and studied till midnight. woke up this morning at 8:03; jumped out of the house with no makeup, hair unbrushed(not that I ever brush my hair) and parked at 8:15 ran into the school all out of breath at 8:23 and did exam 8:30-10:30 WOOSH; glad DATAMANAGEMENT is over and done with.on the more fun side of news; I ABSOLUTELY love Tom Kerr's photography, I discovered him on Zeus's blog! As much as the picture I choose seems pretty classic beauty; his work ranges to the most extreme avant-garde; and his website is so fun, it seems very unaccidental amateur styled. if that makes sense !

an art piece of mine done in grade 11! Multi media assignment.
it pretty much sums up my life
(minus my missing iphone :( RIP)
Anyway, I got one more exam to go and then I'm free! A lot of strange thing has happened; a bit too personal to say but all I can say is "life is interesting" LOL! oh and I got a email from one of the designers at The London Fashion Week 2010; he offered to pay me £950 each day for the 4-day event AND hotel and flight bills for modeling; does that sound too good to be true? but it's a week during school, whatever tho; psh school (I HATE YOU!). A guy the other day defined beauty, as not only how a women looks but by the way they talk "there is a sense of uniqueness"; Isn't that so sweet! And last random fact; I recently did my nails a hue of purpley hot pink after a month of chipping clear nail polish and I feel so much happier; I think pretty bold colours cheers a girl up even in the midst of stress and studying haha ! ;)

as to my readers, please leave a message! You know all about me but I want to know more about you ;) Lots and lots of love.



Luca T - Shonwer said...

Really Nice Blog! ;)


BadRomance said...

Wooow the art piece is amazing o__o

Aimee said...

oh pet, books are happy little things when you give them the time of day, and they'll stay around longer than your model good looks will ;) That being said - what a fantastic opportunity for the fashion show 950 pounds - wowsers!

have a swell time, hon.


MizzJ said...

Holy crap you got an offer to be in LFW?! Why are you not taking it?!

Classically Cool (Nunu) said...

darling, you should be studying, not blogging. lol jk jk. love love your blogs so don't stop!

and yes, about the "major boob drama," designers need to lay off on sheer boob showing tops. that's just gross! and i can't believe girls at your school would wear tanks without bras. what are they thinking?? it's totally not hawt and really uncomfortable for others. eww...

anywho, you take care now and i absolutely adore your artwork. if only i could commit my time back to art, that would be fun. =)

xoxo, Nunu