Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Grandma's skirt.

sorry my photos didn't show :S weird. weLL I reuploaded it :)

I never thought I would wear on of my granmda's skirt! but she gave me a few of her old skirt; they are super long! but very elegant, and it's true what they say; fashion always come back. I just adore this waist skirt; but it's a bit long for my comfort so I hemmed it up a few inches (not TOO short for this harsh winter :) ) Doing this photo shesh includes me FREEZING so enjoy:)

skirt: conrad c
shirt: somewhere in europe
bracelets: oh so old...
ring; HK
earrings; switzerland
shoes: costa blanca accessories
purse: sydney love
sunglasses: Zara (europe)



kechiko said...

Eek I can't see the pics! :(

Mary Jane said...

hey sweety, maybe you should try re-uploading the pictures because they are not showing up on your blog. i really want to see your new outfit :)
try uploading them through photobucket or something like that if it helps :D

kechiko said...

Oh YEEEA I love high-waisted!! Cool pics :)

Beckah said...

Omg! that skirt is cutee!
go granny huh!?
thanks for your feedback on my blog too, i rly appreciate it!


PetiteAsianGirl said...

Aww I love digging around in my mom's wardrobe looking for something to "re-vamp" ! Thank you for enduring the cold for these pics : )

michelle_ said...

the second picture is gorgeous !
are you from canada ?

t h a n k s . for your c o m m e n t s
hugs & kisses from

heart charlie said...

I love the long hem and the elegance it symbolizes! It looks great on you ;) I also like the shorter hem, which is youthful and fun. Both are great looks on you!

stellectism said...

totally adore the second and third shoots! fabulous skirt <3 !