Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mess in a dress

over sized tank: Cassis
belg: bedo
boots: Aldo
leg warmer: gift
tube top: replay

I had a pretty bad day yesterday...
it started with sleeping in and missing my first class(11;09am)! but I did meet one of my neighbours for the first time; kinda cute guy who said hi. Went to the library to read until my second class. texted. period 5. where the f is my phone? calls my phone. straight to voice mail. f*ck someone stole my IPHONE. someone stole me BABY. ( coz my phone was fully charged).
rushed home and blocked my account(whoever has the iphone should have a locked up
disfunctional iphone) they told me to go to the police if I want to track it down.

As I back up my car in the drive i crashed into my aunt's car. UGH! first time i crashed into anything; and her car's back was totally cracked! sh*t, my grandma offered to pay my aunt. it'll prob be a grand to repair(awww)... but frik. but my car wasn't that damaged... so I go to the police station to find out, I "can't prove it's stolen" so they won't track down my phone... but I did file a missing phone report.. as if they'll do anything about it though. Went to Markville mall to replace my sim card (45 needless dollars).

Went to fmp to look for a phone ( they have that store that sells second hand really nice phones; BUT guess what? only day they're closed is Tuesday). So to cheer myself up I got a taro bubble tea. and as soon as I suck onto the straw the drink spilled all over my jacket and scarf! UGH! @ least it tasted good in the end...

the day didn't end very horrible thought because I had sushi with my mom, and went to Earl Haig's Fashion Show which was amazing; and got home in one piece even though it was snowing so hard. (and there was a huge fire near my house but thankfully didn't block the street I was on, which makes me thankful it wasn't my house or anything; ) It felt like it was a pretty bad day for a lot of ppl too.

the fashion show inspired me to make this tank. It was white;;
so anyways; today was a much better day:)! went to a car repair place with grandpa (i love having my grandparents in town!), pattern class ( my teacher said she'll help me make my prom dress!), went to bbt place with friends to "study" (yum hot ginger milk tea), did dance class with friends ( oh the endorphins! I forgot how amazing it feels), went home to shower and eat speghetti that my grandma made me :D ), played pool with friends (I am verry bad!), chilled at Wendys (made my friend surprise me with a drink. he got me strawberry frosty thingy. so good!) and my internet finally worked after almost two days! Oh and I got into the course I wanted to take! I was on a long waiting list. I'm not sure if I should take Finance instead of Human Growth though; it's much more burdensome but rewarding (learn to invest!) where as Human Growth is impractical but easy to get a 90s in... what shall I take!

anyways it was a good day :) i'm surprised you guys were interested in my hair blog! haha thanks for the comments *heart heart*



Tayler said...

awesome tank! <3

rebecca said...

awww.i am so sorry to hear about your shitty day. your tank turned out super cute btw. :)

Mary Jane said...

sorry to hear you lost you iphone and the rest of bad things that happened to you! that was the suckiest day ever! love love love what you did with the shirt though! its gorgeous!

Marla Singer said...

amazing belt! love your tights too =D
so sorry to hear about the bad day anyway. that must be irritating =/

Evelyn Mak said...

Hey Em,
I'm happy to hear you're feeling better
And the tank is nice! :)
Ooh nice I hope your prom dress turns out well... are you starting from scratch then?


Classically Cool said...

aw, how unfortunate your day was. i hope they find whoever stole your phone is caught. and yes, bubble tea always makes me much happier too, and coincidentally,taro's my fave! x) i hope the rest of your week and weekend would go smoothly. =) oh yeah, and i love love your tights!

Erica said...

cute tights in that first picture