Monday, January 18, 2010


last night I stayed up past 4am doing my final summative assignment for arts york gr12 semester one! i felt like a zombie all day because of my lack of sleep; yikes and then I crashed right after school; now I won't sleep for a while. AH! my sleeping is gonna be distorted; i can feel it!

anyways this painting/ dress was about self identity; being grounded to Earth and "back to basic" in shorts and tank.

yes i know my room is SUCH a mess when art is in process...

hey guys! I decided to upload a webcam pic hehe; today I went out for wings for friends birthday with some friends. Yum: Honey Lemon, Cajun Wet, barbeque, Honey Garlic, Caesor something ... so many flavours=) they all went to the Y after, but i don't have membership, should I join? how about hot yoga? it's one or the other I think; I actually just really want a treadmill in the basement and then i'll be all happy. what's a good exercise regime?
i definitely have a thing for not zipping up my boots; so many of my friends get so peeved, i'm sorry! i just like opened up boots i don't know why!

top: striking
jeans: Buffalo
tank: zoot

Anyways I am watchign You think You Can Dance and it's so emotional; I actually cry way too easily... it's just there's soo many feelings to be expressed in this immaculate, perplexing world. So many ordeals and events that latches on and transmits to one another; conveying such UMPH. you know? I feel so many things can't be expressed with words. words don't do it justice. I will cry just looking at the most simple paintings, photograph or words.

Maybe it's just me but everything has a plug in my mind, especially wanting something and working your ass off for it. Having a dream and being passionate moves me, it scares the hell out of me when i could Cry for hours because I set an expectation for myself and didn't reach it, but failure is my strongest motivation. Everything is related, everything is serendipity. I refuse to believe that life is just a series of meaningless coincidence and emotions is the strongest link we have to connect to one another.

When someone cries infront of me i can say i will 99.9% percent cry with them, it's just when the wall comes down and they're in fullsight of vulnerbility... how can you not respond to that? We've all been vulnerable; we all know how it feels like to be weak, to fail. and I think that's what so great about the human race, being able to show emotions, being able to cry. If you look beyond our flaws and our walls... it is humanitarian at our raw cores:
Humanitarian-having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people. It really is in our instincts to care for one another; if we forget all the hurt and revenge in this world... maybe we can start being happy for everyone's success, to feel happiness and awe for another instead of jealousy and envy. every action creates a ripple affect. One nice act can go very far.



fadetoblack said...

ow your such a good painter...
i bet you will get top marks!!

Kristina Krug with BR MAG said...

That dress is great! Kudos!
Kristina w/ BR magazine

Velire said...

omg can i just say that you are amazing! :) your painting on the dress is just..aghhhh..i dont even know how to describe it but i certainly do love it. :D you dont have to worry bout your grade on that. :)

i wouldnt know anything bout an exercise regime..i mean i would want to exercise but im just lazy. :) hahaha..start out with the basics like jogging? :)

the crying part..i so relate to you..i mean im a crybaby..any sight of tears & emotions, i get teary eyed so you're not alone hunn. :) yess people should focus more on just being happy and quit the jealousy & drama.. :D

XoXo, Vera

Caroline said...

Thanks so much for your comment I really appreciate it! I love your art work you're incredibly talented! :) Have a great day!


Sarah (Buzz) said...

I love it!!! Its so interesting...great job!!!

Classically Cool said...

i'm soo loving your black top with a bow tie in the back. that's hawt! and your art piece is fantabulous!

Pia said...

you have some serious art skills!!! i can't wait to see more :)

Jennifer said...

Love these shots--the first one is my favorite!

Jinsoul said...

Hey girl, All of painters I love, and especially creative and cute artist just like you. So I come to like you more :) I'm following you from now on. see you next post!